Lots to consider when we cast our ballot

Lots to consider when we cast our ballot

Do we want to keep our First and Second Amendments?

Hillary Clinton thinks liberal justices should not follow the Constitution, but interpret the Constitution to represent the diversity of our country and stand on behalf of the rights of the LGBT community.

Hillary Clinton wants to bring in 65,000 Syrian refugees. That has not worked so well for France and Germany. In France, 120 people were killed and at least one of the terrorists was a refugee. In France, they have no-go zones plagued with drug-dealing and violent crime.

In Germany, one of the refugees had four wives and 23 children on government assistance.

One of the Boston bombers collected welfare until 2012 and officials in Cambridge would not say if the Boston bombers’ family got Section 8 public housing assistance. The Boston bombers came here on a tourist trade visa, but later applied for asylum.

Hillary Clinton wants open borders and open trade.

We would not have this problem if President Barack Obama would have followed through on the Red Line in Syria.

Hillary said she was not in office, but that was not true. I remember in 2008, her commercial said she would answer the red phone at 3 a.m. I guess that did not include calls from Benghazi. We were told we could not get help there in time, but when it started did they know how long it would last? Why did they have the men change their clothes four times on the plane?

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) rates are going up an average of 22 percent next year, and Arizona is going up 117 percent. The subsidies will increase eight-f0ld in the next 10 years.

Hillary also wants to put coal miners out of business. Coal power plants account for 42 percent of the power produced in this country. The EPA regulations are putting the plants out of business and will cause electric rates to rise 13.6 percent.

A.R. Lawrence