When things go wrong, Hillary is never responsible

Hillary Clinton is not responsible enough to know and follow the United States laws on national security as a federal employee, as secretary of state and as a want-to-be president. She knew having her own server was against the law. She knew all the information she was putting on her server was vulnerable, some of it top secret. She did it anyway! She knew it was against the law and tried to hide the evidence. Of course she is not being held responsible, that is the way liberals and President Barack Obama operate.

FBI director James Comey’s decision was not his to make, but it served the cause. This should go before a grand jury, and she should be prosecuted based on her violation of the law. If you haven’t heard the law stated, you should read it … and so should Comey.

Hillary was not responsible enough to send help to Benghazi when people were dying. Who said “stand down”? Only two people I know could have said that with authority, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. No time for help? But there was plenty of time for a three-hour strategy meeting on what lie to tell the American people. And in telling that lie, Hillary was not responsible.

Prior to the Benghazi murders, Hillary had been contacted several times about the lack of security at the Benghazi consulate and she did nothing. But in her own works, she was not responsible. Again, I must concur: She was not responsible.

I understand the problem. If someone is running guns in the Mideast and Ambassador Chris Stevens is about to spill the beans to the world, that someone would probably not want it known. They might call their friends in Benghazi to have the problem eliminated and inform them that Stevens would be here. This needs to be examined. But I’m certain, Hillary is not responsible.

I would like to further state that Hillary is not responsible for the money from the Mideast and other friends going into the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State and of making high stakes deals around the world. Quid Pro Quo? Or is bribery?

Hillary Clinton is not responsible. “What does it matter,” she said about Benghazi.

So American, you must decide. What does it matter, to them, to us, to this country.

Fix this or say goodbye to your country.

God Bless America!

Jim Ervin