OACAA commends Governor Kasich’s commitment to all Ohioans

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies (OACAA) commends Governor John Kasich for his continues commitment to leaving no Ohioan behind as expressed in his State of the State message delivered Wednesday night. By focusing available resources on the working poor, to those with mental illness, others struggling with addiction and other problems he is working to create a path to lift people out of poverty with job growth and strong support systems.

“Improving the lives of all Ohioans has been a priority for Governor Kasich; his State of the State speech highlighted the importance of that goal,” said Philip E. Cole, executive director of OACAA. “Strong efforts on Community-Police Relations, the work to combat drug addiction, controlling costs of college-these are among the issues that have a dramatic effect on low-income Ohioans and the General Assembly should rush to follow his lead.”

OACAA commends Governor Kasich’s commitment to “eliminating unintended barriers” that make leaving poverty more difficult. “With the Administration’s continued collaboration,” said Cole, “we can together break down barriers, improve our local communities, and continue to position Ohio as one of the strongest states in the nation.”

Forty-eight Community Action Agencies, who serve all eighty-eight of Ohio’s counties, lead the fight to alleviate poverty, empower low-income individuals and families, and improve their lives while strengthening communities. With programs ranging from emergency services to early childhood education and from job training to homeownership, Community Action helps people and change lives.