U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan talks local, national politics in visit

GALION — U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan visited Galion on Monday to give a brief local officials about current events in Washington, as well as to hear local concerns from city officials.

Galion Mayor Tom O’Leary, City Council President Carl Watt, Galion Director of Law Thomas Palmer, City Communications Director Matt Echelberry, Police Chief Brian Saterfield and Fire Chief Phil Jackson.

Jordan said he expects President Donald Trump’s tax bill to pass in the House of Representatives this week.

“The economy is up also,” said Jordan. “We are seeing a greater confidence level nationally and seeing a lot of strong growth.”

Jordan then asked for an update on what’s happening in the Galion area.

“We are doing a great job county-wide, but we aren’t immune to problems,” said Saterfield. “Lots of those who are looking for trouble are going elsewhere because our judges here in Crawford County have taken such a hard line.”

Jordan said he was impressed with Crawford County Common Please Judge Sean Leuthold and others serving at the courthouse.

O’Leary talked briefly about upcoming plans for the city, and addressed a popular concern among many in Galion

“Trains blocking railroad crossings have become a large problem recently,” he said. “It seems we are a stopping point before the Crestline and Shelby area.”

Saterfield said the police department has contacted CSX numerous times with little to no response.

Rep. Jordan understood the concerns and stated he will certainly do what he can to help.

Before the conclusion of the meeting, O’Leary spoke up on a different matter.

“One more thought, just to turn the tables — and I don’t know how often you get asked this question — but what could we do as a district to communicate more effectively or help you out?” asked O’Leary. “In the spirit of ‘it is a two way street’, are there things that our local government can do?”

“Comparing our concerns to many others around the country … are one of the top districts for manufacturing and agriculture,” Jordan said. “We are fortunate to have good local leaders, so please just keep it up.”


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By Erin Miller

Galion Inquirer