Council approves ordinances related to new hotel

By Kimberly Gasuras -

After a groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday for a Sleep Inn at the corner of Brandt Road and Ohio 598, Galion City Council moved quickly on several ordinances to keep the process moving.

The creation of a TIF (Tax Increment Financing), an ordinance amending appropriations for this year and an authorization for bidding to begin on TIF projects were all approved as emergencies by council.

“The TIF has to be in place for the bidding to start for the infrastructure for the hotel,” said Mayor Tom O’Leary.

Local resident and attorney Roberta Wade voiced her concerns about too many amendments to the council’s agenda at their meetings.

“By amending the agenda at the last minute, it shows a lack of respect for citizens who may want to participate in their government. It also limits council members on their right to prepare for the meetings,” Wade said.

Carl Watt, president of council, said many of the amendments at Tuesday’s meeting could not be avoided due to deadlines on certain issues.

“We do not have another council meeting for three weeks because of the way it falls,” Watt said.

A staffing ordinance sparked a lot of discussion regarding the city auditor’s office that currently has two vacant positions to fill.

The pay range for a deputy auditor position is up to $75,000.

“We have gotten along three years without a deputy auditor,” said council member Mark Triplett.

Auditor Brian Treisch explained that one of two administrative clerk positions will not be filled and that the pay range is up to that amount.

“We will be starting the pay at around $43,000 per year,” Treisch said.

Wade pointed out that for someone with a degree that is highly skilled, the pay may not be enough to facilitate retention of the person.

A fire and EMS contract with Polk Township was approved as an emergency.

The next council meeting will be 7 p.m. April 12 at the city municipal building.

By Kimberly Gasuras

Reach Gasuras on Twitter: @kimberlygasuras

Reach Gasuras on Twitter: @kimberlygasuras