Prosecutor: No decision yet if Galion teen assault victim will be charged

According to Crawford County Prosecutor Matthew Crall, no decision has been made yet as to whether or not charges will be filed against the victim for her role in the fight that landed her in a Columbus hospital with serious injuries.

Crall said no adults, at this point, are being charged in relation to the fight, including the home owner on Payne Avenue where the fight took place.

Crall also said there is no evidence that a rumored “fight club” exists.

Crall said the three juvenile girls charged in the incident are not being tried as adults even though under Ohio law their offenses could fall under the discretionary piece of the law.

“There are certain requirements that fall under the discretionary piece of the law which could not be met in this case,” Crall said.

Crall said the incident is still under investigation by the Galion Police Department and that he is working with them to determine if additional charges will be filed in the case.

The altercation involving four girls at a private residence that resulted with one taken to a Columbus hospital with serious injuries by a medical helicopter was a “mutually agreed upon” fight, Galion police Chief Brian Saterfield said.

Maddie Hoffman, 16, of Galion reportedly suffered a torn liver, a torn spleen and cracked ribs from the assault.

Janet Lugo, 15, of Galion, along with Elise Grabenauer of Galion and Shantez Kemper of Mansfield, both 16-years-old, are each charged with delinquency charges of felonious assault in Crawford County Juvenile Court. The charge would be a second-degree felony if committed by an adult.

“My daughter was lured into a vicious attack by a group of girls who had conspired to get her into a position from which she could not get away,” Hoffman’s mother, Brianna McCullough, said.

But the family spokesman, Bill Baker, said Hoffman was at the residence of her own free will.

“She was there willingly,” he said.

Saterfield agreed.

“To say [Hoffman] is not a willing participant is inaccurate,” he said.

Crawford County Prosecutor Matthew Crall said the Galion Police Department continues to investigate this case and additional charges may be forthcoming if appropriate.

Hoffman was released from the hospital late Tuesday evening, according to the family.

By Brandon Klein & Kim Gasuras

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