Upcoming events at Lowe-Volk Park

Staff report

Dyeing to Find Out

6 p.m., March 7

Joy Etter-Link will hold a program on colors. She will present on the age-old technique of transferring those colors from nature and also have a craft for kids to dye and take home. The program is designed for children up to fifth grade and their parents.

Recycling at Lowe-Volk Park

9 a.m.-noon, March 12

The Colonel Crawford Lions Club and The Friends of the Crawford Park District will have a Recycle Day at the Lowe-Volk Park Nature Center located at 2401 State Route 598.

The group will accept:

* Cardboard

* Clear/brown/green/blue glass (separate by color)

* #1 (PETE) plastics

* #2 (HDPE) plastics (colors do not have to be separated)

* Newspaper/magazines/office paper/junk mail

* Steel cans

* Aluminum cans

* Household batteries

* Eyeglasses

* CFL lightbulbs – from households only, no businesses please

* Laptops, tablets & cell phones.

* No electronics, computer towers, computer monitors or televisions will be accepted.

Pickawillany: Ohio’s First Step into History

7 p.m. March 15, Lowe-Volk Park

The Crawford Park District welcomes guest presenter, Bill Pickard of The Ohio History Connection.

Staff report