UPDATE: Galion student hospitalized after alleged assault (with video)

A Galion sophomore was Lifeflighted to a Columbus hospital last week after an alleged assault last week at a private residence.

The report was made available Monday morning after a public records request by the Inquirer.

The victim reportedly has a torn liver, a torn spleen and cracked ribs.

The girl was reportedly assaulted by a group of 6-12 people and the incident was videotaped, where the assault was cheered on by bystanders.

The Inquirer obtained a copy of the videotape from Bill Baker, who is serving as a family spokesperson on the matter.

Brianna McCullough, the victim’s mother, said in a letter submitted to The Inquirer by Baker that she felt her daughter “was lured into a vicious attack by a group of girls who had conspired to get her into a position from which she could not get away.”

Galion Police Chief Brian Saterfield confirmed that the incident was under investigation and both he Galion School District Superintendent James Grubbs said that there was no belief or evidence of a fight club in Galion School District.

“I wish all students would use the resources available to them to resolve issues such as our guidance department, our student resource officer, and community counseling services that we offer at school,” Grubbs said.

Saterfield declined additional comment on the matter.

Baker said legal action will be taken on the matter.

“Since there are indicators that kids were paying to watch this, we believe it might be some sort of ‘Fight Club,’ ” Baker said.

In addition, Crawford County Prosecutor Matt Crall reportedly said charges could be filed this week on the matter.

“This bullying has gotten out-of-hand and we, as a society, need to put a stop to it,” McCullough said in the letter. “We need to teach our children to handle disagreements with civility. We need to teach our children to stand up for those who are defenseless. Our society has gotten to the point where everyone wants to be the first to get it onto social media instead of being the first one to get help. My daughter could easily have died from these injuries had we not gotten her to the hospital when we did. This has to stop.”


By Chris Pugh