Report: Authorities catch man who threatened off-duty police officer in Morrow

UPDATE: The Sheriff’s Office reported this morning that the suspect was caught. More information will be released later today.

Shortly after 4:30 pm Sunday January 31, 2016, an off duty Columbus Police Officer called Morrow County 911 to report a possible road rage incident. The officer was driving his personal vehicle and towing a trailer with wood on it south bound on CR 24 in southern Morrow County. A rcd pickup came up behind him and tailgated him.

The officer slowed down and pulled off to the right side of the road and waved the red pickup around him. The red pickup went around and continued south bound on CR 24. A short time later, the Columbus police officer crested a hill and noted a vehicle backing westbound on a side road.

As the offlcer approached, the vehicle pulled out in front of him and stopped. The driver got out of the vehicle, pulled out a gun, and pointed it at the officer. The officer quickly put his vehicle in reverse and backed away from the individual. In the process of backing, the trailer began to jack knife.

The suspect with the gun started to approach the police offlcer’s vehicle, still pointing the gun at him. Fearing for his life, the officer put his vehicle in drive and drove at the individual, striking the suspect’s vehicle in the driver’s side door as the suspect was getting back into the vehicle. The suspect then fled into the woods on foot. The suspect was limping when he fled. The Columbus police officer was not armed at the time and was not injured. No shots were fired.

Morrow County Sheriff’s Deputies, Cardington Police, and Ohio State Highway Patrol responded to the scene. An OSP helicopter also responded. The suspect was not located. He is described as 6’ I”, 175-180 pounds with shoulder length black hair. He was wearing a grey shirt with black stripes and camo pants.

He is considered to be armed and dangerous. Anyone seeing the individual should call the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office or 911 immediately. The suspect’s vehicle was impounded and the investigation is continuing.

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