Col. Crawford BOE considers covered walkway

By Charla Wurm-Adams - Galion Inquirer

Colonel Crawford Board of Education officials are looking at a way of providing relief for students walking between the school’s K-12 and administration buildings.

“Right now, the students have A 70 yard walk through the elements,” Colonel Crawford Superintendent Todd Martin said at Monday night’s meeting. “Snow, rain, whatever, so we’re looking at a way where we can put a covered walkway that will connect that and keep them out of the weather and keep them secure. So we’re looking to get estimates and we will go out to bid next month. Right now there is a company out of Mansfield called Laurel Awning that did one for Buckeye Central and one for Shelby and I’ve looked at both those structures and it seems to be what we’re looking for so we will see what happens.”

Martin said the cost of the project is about $67,000 and will be guaranteed for at least 12 years.

Another topic discussed at the board meeting concerned testing for the students. Col. Crawford High School Principal Jake Bruner.elaborated on this testing and discussed how currently the students are tested through the OGT and that will change to AIR testing or the American Institute for research. Some changes that will be administered through that testing will have all juniors and seniors test for government. Another change will be bringing back world history. A second algebra class will be added and they will be doing away with the computer class for a graduation requirement. Currently the students take four years of English and three years of math that will change to four years of English and four years of math allowing the school to be a college prep curriculum.

Board Member Norm Huber, had asked anyone to write a letter to Martin concerning state spending on Colonel Crawford school. Huber talked about how the state paid 90 percent of some new schools, others 70 percent whereas Colonel Crawford only got 31% of the school paid for. Huber’s concerns were that Colonel Crawford was told they would get certain classrooms such as in the high school and they did not.

January is also school board meeting appreciation month. Martin thanked each and every one of the board members for their service to the school.

The board also approved policies per OS BA and adopted them.

Bruner was also acknowledged at the board meeting for his effort at saving a student who was choking during lunch. After congratulating him on his efforts, Martin noted that his staff is fluent in CPR and will have an updated class on CPR and using the AED during school hours.

The next meeting will be held 7 p.m. Feb. 22 in the Hannah and William Crawford School’s Media Center.

By Charla Wurm-Adams

Galion Inquirer