9 attend January meeting of Wayside Garden Club

Staff report

At the January meeting of the Wayside Garden Club meeting 9 members responded to the roll call by answering the question, “What is your favorite herbal fragrance?”

The committee reports followed the reading of the minutes and the Treasurer’s report.

For the Program Committee, Marcia Lawyer reported that she is compiling a list of various possibilities for our Gardener’s Day Out. She will present this list to be voted on.

Doris McManis, for the Publicity Committee stated that she has submitted the club’s upcoming activities for publication in the Garden Path.

Mary Fuller, for the Fair Flower Show passed out a copy of the 2016 Flower Show schedule.

Charlotte Benedict, County Contact, announced the date of the next planning meeting for the April 2016 Regional Meeting. It will be held on February 20th at 9:00 a.m., location to be announced.

After adjournment the evening’s program Essential Oils and Uses was presented by Erica Grooms. She gave the historical background of the uses of these essential oils as well as the many applications. She will provide handouts upon request.

The evening’s refreshments were provided by Mandy Rocks and Kathy Lindstedt.

Staff report