Council to consider removal of one of two bed taxes

By Kimberly Gasuras - Galion Inquirer

The issue of whether or not to repeal a bed tax for the city may be closer to a resolution.

According to city law director Thomas Palmer, the laws and ordinances committee submitted a request for him to create legislation to repeal one of two three-percent bed taxes.

“After consulting with other members of the city administration, we are asking for council to remove one of the two bed taxes of three-percent. The money from that tax goes into the general fund while the other bed tax is split, with half going into the general fund and half going into an account for a convention and tourism,” Palmer said.

During a meeting of the committee Tuesday evening, chair Sarah Capretta said the issue needs to be acted upon because it has been in committee for about three months.

“We need to make a decision. It needs to go before council so everyone can vote and voice their opinion on the issue,” Capretta said.

Mayor Tom O’Leary said the city has had the highest bed tax in the area since 2008, when the second of the two three percent taxes was added.

“We want to be competitive with neighboring cities such as Bucyrus and Ontario,” O’Leary said.

Trish Ratliff, director of the Bucyrus Tourism and Visitor’s Bureau, is working towards creating a county-wide bureau.

“A county-wide bureau makes sense because our county is not that large,” Ratliff said.

O’Leary said the Crawford County Commissioners have discussed the issue of creating a county-wide bed tax of three percent and that if and when that happens, Galion and Bucyrus would be in a position to relinquish the current three percent bed taxes.

“It will serve us better to go to one three-percent bed tax at this time,” O’Leary said.

The Galion City Council meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the city municipal building.

By Kimberly Gasuras

Galion Inquirer