Jordan praises IRS decision to withdraw unpopular donation substantiation proposal

Staff report

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) praised the Internal Revenue Service’s decision today to withdraw its unpopular donation substantiation proposal. The proposal was touted as an alternate way for organizations to voluntarily prove charitable donations. It drew significant criticism though over fears that, although the new method was voluntary, it would become mandatory.

Of the decision Rep. Jordan said:

“I am glad the IRS today withdrew this ill-conceived proposal that would have further targeted the free speech rights of law-abiding U.S. citizens. The IRS tried to use the scandal they created as an excuse to further target Americans for their political views. But hundreds of non-profit organizations opposed it, as did countless individuals from across the country, and today the IRS backed down. This is a win for free speech and for every American. As the Oversight committee continues to investigate the IRS, we will keep monitoring the agency to ensure it does not find a new way to target the First Amendment rights of average Americans.”

Staff report