Varsity Grille up for sale

By Brandon Klein - [email protected]

Varsity Grille has been open since 2006.

Varsity Grille has been open since 2006.

A long-time Galion restaurant is up for sale, and a small Ohio-based restaurant chain has confirmed that it’s a possible buyer.

Ownership of the Varsity Grille, 451 Portland Way N., has confirmed that an owner of three or four restaurants in the state is interested in the location.

“We think it would be better for the town if he gets it,” said Anthony Hoffman. “Nothing is official.”

He added that there’s no buyer at this time.

Hoffman said he’s selling the business he opened in 2006 because he wants to have more free time. Varsity Grille was originally known for a long time as Jerry’s Steakhouse.

Hoffman would not identify the interested buyer of the local eatery and expects to have things develop by the end of January.

The location could be a Jake’s Steakhouse by springtime.

Tim DeRodes, the owner of Jake’s Steakhouse, said it was a possibility. He confirmed that he was interested in expanding his restaurant chain to the Galion area.

“We’re in the process of getting funding for it,” he said.

DeRodes said it’s not a done deal but is anticipated to be completed by the end of the month. The new restaurant could then be opened by April, he said.

DeRodes said he was attracted to Galion for its hospital and the prospect of a potential hotel coming to Galion among other economic activities in the community.

“We feel it’s a good market for us,” he said. “There’s a lot of stuff happening in Galion this year.”

The chain was originally owned by Jerry Baker who opened the first Jake’s Steakhouse at Mount Vernon in 2001. Subsequent locations were opened at Ashland in 2004 and then at Wooster (which relocated in 2012) in 2007.

Hoffman declined to confirm if Jake’s Steakhouse is the interested buyer.

Varsity Grille has been open since 2006. Grille has been open since 2006.

By Brandon Klein

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Reach Klein at 419-468-1117, ext. 2048 or on Twitter at @brandoneklein.