Altercations take place at pro-choice rally in Galion

Staff Report

GALION- Altercations took place during a pro-choice rally held in Galion on Sunday afternoon.

Galion Chief of Police Marc Rodriguez explained officers were dispatched to the Public Square on Sunday afternoon, after an elderly male, James Erwin, got into a heated discussion with one of attendees at the rally.

“He (Erwin) got in a heated discussion with a woman and he ended up smacking her. Then, she smacked him back. Both were summoned for disorderly conduct,” Rodriguez said. The woman involved in this altercation was Renee Coates.

At that time neither were arrested. Rodriguez explained warnings were given, however, Erwin kept creating issues.

“Later on, he shoulder checked another lady. At that point, he was arrested for disorderly conduct where it was escalated to a fourth degree minor misdemeanour for persistence. He was then taken to Crawford County Sheriff’s Office,” Rodriguez said.

In total at the rally Rodriguez said there were about a dozen in attendance, where everything else remained peaceful.

Staff Report