July 12

A male was arrested on Harding Way East on a probation violation.

A female was cited after a non-injury accident on West Church Street.

There was a report made of a possible break-in on Park Avenue.

A lawn mower was reported to be on fire on Harding Way East.

A male and female were given a warning for disorderly conduct on South Market Street.

July 13

Galion Police picked up a subject on a charge of domestic violence for Bucyrus Police. This took place on Brookside Avenue.

A report was made of a missing/runaway juvenile on Harding Way East. The grandparent said the juvenile took off from the side porch of the home.

July 14

Information was taken for a report after a man walked into a lobby on Allen Street saying he was beaten.

A man hit Droop Dogs Drive Thru with a car. No one was injured in this incident.

There was a male trespassed from a property on South Street. According to the report, he was attempting to take something from a porch.

There was a male arrested on a felony warrant on South Boston Street.

July 15

A male was cited for failure to yield right of way on South Street.

A report had it that a female stole a phone on South Boston Street.

There was a shed break in on South Boston Street. Information was gathered for a report.

A male was arrested for a OVI on Harding Way West, according to a report.

July 16

There was a report of stolen property on Hensley Avenue.

A verbal warning was given for littering on Portland Way South.

July 17

There was a DOA on Mardo Lane.

A report of fraud was made on South Market Street.

July 18

A domestic dispute between two females was reported on Fellow Street.

On South Columbus Street there was a report made of a stolen bicycle.

A male was cited for driving without a license on Center Street.

Information provided by the Galion Police Department.

Information provided by the Galion Police Department.