Galion police reports – Dec. 28

Staff report

Dec. 18

* A crash was reported in the 400 block of Libby Lane. One person was complaining of neck and back pain

* A purse was found in the 300 block of S. Boston St.

* A reportedly abandoned car was reported in the 100 block of Shady Lane

Dec. 19

* Child abuse was reported in the first block of Hyatt Court

* A package was reportedly stolen from a door step in the 300 block of Portland Way N.

Dec. 20

* Vandalism was reported on a vehicle in the 100 block of Pounder Ave.

* Lights were reportedly stolen in the 1000 block of Bucyrus Road

* A non-injury crash was reported in Public Square

Dec. 21

* A two-car crash with no injuries was reported in the 300 block of N. Market St.

* A deer was reportedly hit by a car in Heise Park

Dec. 23

* A broken window was reported on an abandoned house in the 200 block of S. Union St.

Dec. 26

* Gun shots were reported in the 200 block of Second Ave.

Staff report