Political briefs – June 27


TRADE DEAL QUESTIONED – Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued the following statement urging the Senate to reconsider its support of granting trade authority to President Barack Obama to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership:

“Americans for Limited Government strongly urges the Senate to vote against the cloture motion on legislation that would provide President Obama fast track trade authority. Three things have occurred since the Senate last voted on fast track which should cause any thinking Senator to change from a yes to no vote.

“First there is a great deal information that has come out about the Trans-Pacific Partnership that makes it clear that this agreement needs full and thorough Senate scrutiny. The TPP is a living agreement subject to change after ratification, additional partners can be added to the TPP without Senate approval, and the TPP sets up a governing structure much like the Common Market — the predecessor to the European Union. It would be extremely unwise to allow an agreement with such massive national implications to be fast tracked.

GROUP: CHURCHES SHOULD BE ARMED – In the wake of the tragic events of Charleston, South Carolina, 2AO is asking for Americans to rise up and protect our nation’s churches through responsible gun training and ownership.

2AO has condemned the horrible actions of shooter in Charleston and has called upon its over 160,000 members and 26 state chapters to begin aiding in comprehensive gun training and safety awareness in their church communities in order to protect themselves and their fellow parishioners from the potential of both foreign and domestic terrorist attacks.

“I’m deeply saddened by this loss of life in South Carolina and I pray for all those affected,” said Bryan Crosswhite, President of 2AO, “but this isn’t a time for churches and Americans to give up their guns and hope that nothing will happen. This is a time to exercise our 2nd Amendment Right to protect ourselves, our families, and our religious communities.”

FOLLOWING BROWN’S URGING, NASA COMMITS TO CONTINUED INVESTMENT IN TECHNOLOGY THAT HELPS TRACK HARMFUL ALGAL BLOOMS IN LAKE ERIE – Following a letter from Sen. Brown and other members of the Ohio delegation urging the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to continue its investment in imaging technology that helps track harmful algal blooms, NASA committed to provide more than $800,000 to NASA Glenn Research Center.

“This commitment from NASA is welcome news for NASA’s Glenn Research Center and its ground breaking monitoring technology for harmful algal blooms,” said Brown. “Lake Erie serves as a water source for millions of Ohioans, so we must continue investing in technology that will protect the Lake’s health.”

Last month, Brown joined members of the Ohio congressional delegation in a letter to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, urging full funding and technical support of NASA Glenn Research Center’s Remote Sensing of Harmful Algal Blooms in Lake Erie program.

Brown continues to fight to secure clean drinking water for Ohioans and to protect Lake Erie. In May, Brown applauded news that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had announced a health advisory laying out guidelines for effective monitoring of and treatment of microcystin. Brown had called for the EPA to publish a health advisory to help inform and educate local and state officials in his Safe and Secure Drinking Water Act. In February, Brown announced the introduction of the Great Lakes Ecological and Economic Protection Act (GLEEPA), bipartisan legislation that would formally authorizing the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) to protect the Great Lakes from a variety of ecological threats and invasive species like harmful algal blooms and Asian carp.