JOG students make literacy a priority

By Ellie Donahue | Northmor

GALION — Northmor JOG juniors and seniors have been working on the importance of reading in the elementary.

Last year they started their own JOG Imaginary Library where they collected donations to buy books for the 1st, 3rd, and 4th graders. They go to the teachers and ask them what books they would like to see their students have for their very own and to take home these books to read.

The juniors and seniors then go through the process after collecting donations for their library. The students go online to check prices of the books through Barnes and Noble Bookstore. The juniors and seniors take a trip to Barnes and Noble with their book orders and purchase the books for the students.

They start with 20 percent off their book order and when they reach $1000, they receive 30 percent off book orders. When o theooks are delivered to the school, they put a sticker in each book that states, “A Gift from the Northmor JOG Imaginary Library.” Then the books are taken to the classrooms.

This was a big hit with students last year and they are excited to do it again this year. The students also purchase books for the elementary library. They hope that with donations they can continue the Imaginary Library each year.

The Northmor JOG students donated $800 from their Haunted Trails last October to the JOG Imaginary Library.

JOG is an in-school, evidence-based program with focus on career development, high school graduation, post-high school success, employability, and leadership skills.

By Ellie Donahue | Northmor