Food Safety Award winners announced

BUCYRUS — At the March 16, 2022 Crawford County Board of Health meeting, congratulations were expressed to many local restaurants, seasonal food stands, schools, retail stores and nursing homes as Board President Zach Wolfe signed the 2021 food safety award winner certificates for local food establishments that exhibit exceptional efforts to make, serve, and sell food to the public.

Crawford County Public Health (CCPH) initiated an annual Food Safety Award Program in 2013 to recognize local food establishments that exhibit exceptional efforts to make, serve, and sell safe food to the public. In the state of Ohio, a complete food licensing and operational year runs from March 1st through the end of February of the following year.

The Superior Award from CCPH recognizes a facility did not have any food safety violations of any kind noted during an unannounced inspection during the previous licensing year. An Excellent Award is provided to facilities that did not have any critical food safety violations AND did not have more than three (3) non-critical food safety violations noted during an unannounced inspection.

Examples of critical violations include poor temperature control, improper cooking, refrigeration or reheating temperatures, bare hand contact on foods ready for consumption, and improper handwashing. Non-critical violations include lack of facility cleanliness, lack of facility maintenance and improper cleaning of equipment and utensils.

CCPH is proud to announce the following facilities (out of 112 eligible license holders) are recipients of either a Superior or Excellent Food Safety Award:

SUPERIOR AWARD WINNERS (15) (0 violations of any kind during the entire year)

BAY Soccer (Bucyrus Area Youth Soccer) Altercare (Bucyrus)

*Buckeye Central Schools (New Washington) American Legion Post 181 (Bucyrus)

Bucyrus Elementary Aumiller Park (Bucyrus)

Bucyrus High School Avita (Bucyrus Hospital)

Carolyn’s Kitchen (Bucyrus) Burger King (Bucyrus)

Crawford County Council on Aging (Bucyrus) Carlisle Place (Bucyrus)

Crestline Child Care Center Street Meat Company (Bucyrus)

Crestline High School Cooper’s Mill (Bucyrus)

Dairy Crest (Bucyrus) Crestline Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

Dutchtown Dairy Bar (New Washington) Depot Deli (Crestline)

*Little Athens (Bucyrus) Fit, Fab, Fun (Bucyrus)

Pelican Coffee House (Bucyrus) Flour & Whisk Bakery (Bucyrus)

Tim Hortons (Bucyrus) Frank’s Treat Time (Crestline)

Wynford Elementary Freezer Fresh (Crestline)

Wynford High School Gionino’s Pizzeria (Bucyrus)

*Designates 9th straight year of winning an award for no violations at all.

EXCELLENT AWARD WINNERS (24) (0 critical violations and no more than 3 non-critical violations during the entire year)

Altercare (Bucyrus)

American Legion Post 181 (Bucyrus)

Aumiller Park (Bucyrus)

Avita (Bucyrus Hospital)

Burger King (Bucyrus)

Carlisle Place (Bucyrus)

Center Street Meat Company (Bucyrus)

Crestline Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

Depot Deli (Crestline)

Fit, Fab, Fun (Bucyrus)

Flour & Whiskey Bakery (Bucyrus)

Frank’s Treat Time (Crestline)

Freezer Fresh (Crestline)

Gionino’s Pizzeria (Bucyrus)

Hannah & William Crawford School

Holiday Inn Express (Bucyrus)

Just Jokin’ (Crestline)

Katering Kountry Style (Bucyrus)

Mark’s Homemade Ice Cream (Bucyrus)

The Market at Pickwick Place (Bucyrus)

St. Joseph Convocation Center (Crestline)

Subway (Bucyrus)

Taco Bell (Bucyrus)

Kate Siefert, Crawford County Health Commissioner, offered praise to the award winners. “The past two years have been tough on restaurants, schools, hospitals, retail stores, nursing homes and so many businesses. Not only is it difficult to keep up with supplies needed, many businesses shared there are times it is difficult to ensure they have enough staff on hand to prepare, serve, or sell food items. We are certainly happy to see so many people kept food safety in mind even while they were dealing with many other issues.”

The completion of the 2021 food licensing year marked the ninth year CCPH has recognized local food operations for exceptional food safety practices. CCPH would like to further acknowledge the following three (3) facilities have consistently received a Superior food safety award for all nine years:

· Buckeye Central Schools

· Little Athens

· Wynford Elementary

For more information about Crawford County Public Health or to view the local food service inspections, visit their website . Local food inspections are updated daily on the website. To keep up with daily information and program activities, be sure to follow Crawford County Public Health on Facebook.