March 1-3, 2022

An officer issued a verbal warning for a stop sign violation on South Street.

A verbal warning was handed out for speeding on Market Street.

A male was cited for expired tags on Harding Way East.

There was a report made of a stolen ladder on Harding Way East.

A theft was reported at Bell Store on Water Way.

A report was taken of an angry mother-in-law on First Ave.

A DoorDash driver reported seeing a bag of drugs at a residence on Union State.

An officer was wanted at Rainbow Motel on a report of someone trying to run people over with their car. Management was advised to call if event reoccurs.

A phone was reported stolen at Valero.

A non-physical dispute was reported on Heise Park Lane.

Information was gathered on a report of assault on Harding Way East.

Information provided by Galion Police Department.

Information provided by Galion Police Department.