Election 2021: Bodkins, Miller seeking City Council 1st Ward seat

By Andrew Carter - [email protected]

GALION — It’s a two-candidate race for Galion City Council’s 1st Ward seat. Incumbent Kenneth E. Bodkins Sr. faces a challenge from Chad T. Miller.

Kenneth E. Bodkins Sr.

Bodkins is a lifelong Galion resident and longtime business owner and operator in the community. He has served two terms on Galion City Council.

Concerns and priorities: “I want to see businesses come here more than anything else, but we seem to not be getting them to come here. I would like to see us spend more time on economic development. I would like to see us have more industry here in town. That’s something I really, really believe in. We’ve got too many people not working here, so we need to bring in more jobs.

“We do have some water problems here in town and we’re trying to get those taken care of. We’re working on the sewers. We might be upgrading our water treatment plant. We do have some streets to take care of, too. Those are really priorities for me.

“I think our police chief and fire chief and other department heads are doing a good job. I think they’re working hard for the community.

“I’m definitely against this Freese Center. It’s just not the right time. I don’t believe we can afford to take the chance with our money. I’ve talked many business people and they don’t believe in this events center.”

Why should constituents vote for you on Nov. 2? “I would just tell them that they know that I’m an honest person. I don’t lie to you. I’m very conservative and I will watch your tax dollars. And I will try to spend your tax dollars in the right areas.”

Chad T. Miller

Miller grew up in the Galion area and after going away for college, he and his wife moved back to the community to raise their family. He is a branch manager for Chase Bank in Mansfield. Miller is a member of the Galion Port Authority Board.

Concerns and priorities: “My primary concern is for the future of Galion as a community, where it’s headed. If you look at the past 30 years, there’s been a steady decline in population. For me, it’s important to make sure that Galion is a place that people want to move back to so we can ebb the flow of people out of the community, maybe even start to attract some people to the community.

“Another thing that needs to be addressed is economic development. While there has been some progress on that front over the past four to eight years, there still seems to be a rather large resistance in town to economic development projects, things that could make a big difference in attracting people to the community. Quality of life is another priority. Bringing some ameneties to town or even cooperating regionally to bring some different types of ameneties here that would make folks want to move to the area.

“One of the big things is protecting some of the unique and beneficial things that Galion has. For example, I know that there’s been some grumblings about police and fire or even some of our homegrown utilities — electric, water. Those are really some huge advantages to the city and things that we need to protect and foster, and make sure that we put plans in place to make sure that those are assets to the city moving forward.”

Why should constituents vote for you on Nov. 2? “I’m a very open-minded, collaborative person who actually has an interest in the future of Galion. I really think Galion is a special place. Fifteen years from now, I want this to be a place that my children might think about moving back to as well.”


By Andrew Carter

[email protected]