Knox County Beekeepers Association offers beekeeping classes


MOUNT VERNON — The Knox County Beekeepers Association will hold its annual Beginner Beekeeping classes a little differently this year.

If you have you ever wanted to keep honeybees and just did not know how to get started, the Knox County Beekeepers Association can help. They will be dividing the course into four classes this winter: the first two address how to get started and the second two teach methods of manage honey bees.

The classes will be held on Feb. 11 and 22 and March 1 and 8. These 2-hour evening classes will be live but virtual using the Zoom platform. All the classes will be recorded for review or a missed class.

The Beginning Beekeeping class provides all the information needed to get started: where to purchase bees and equipment, how to care for bees and keep them healthy. Instruction also will be given on what to look for when you are working your bees, basic biology and behaviors, bee health, pest problems and solutions and of course honey harvesting.

The classes also delve a bit deeper into the art of hive management with discussion topics such as making more honey, catching swarms, collecting pollen, and splitting hives. In both classes, the aim is to present best-practices in a straight-forward, step-by-step, easy to understand format. Class and group discussions are encouraged between instructors and students.

“The classes are a lot of fun. Beekeeping can be a complicated endeavor,” said Jeff Gabric, the President of KCBA. “We try to simplify it for our students and give them enough knowledge to get started and be successful.”

Organizers said it is a great opportunity to meet other beekeepers, learn, and contribute to the conversation.

All four classes plus a copy of “First Lessons in Beekeeping” by Keith Delplane and one-year memberships to the Knox County Beekeepers Association and The Ohio State Beekeepers Association are included in one registration fee of $55. Students can register at no cost. Be sure and ask about youth scholarships available from KCBA. Preregistration is required.

Visit the website to learn more about the class and register online. For information, call Jeff Gabric 515-450-1359.