This week in Galion history

By Deborah Elaine Evans - [email protected]

Galion has a colorful and lengthy past. The events noted in this column are taken from the Galion Inquirer archives from years past. The focus will be items of personal or community interest from 15, 40 and 75 years ago.

The week ending Oct. 24, 2000

Galion cross country runners Tyson Cyrus and Michael Randolph were invited to attend the World Sports Exchange (W.S.E.) in Barcelona, Spain. The W.S.E. is an organization that brings high school athletes from around the world in an attempt to bring the world together in a friendly competition, much like the Olympics.

Galion defeated Norwalk 15-11 and 15-9 in girls volleyball.

The week ending Oct. 24, 1975

A Galion man’s car ran out of control for 423 feet before striking and breaking off a utility pole on Millsboro Road.

Sgt. Nicholas L. Kottyan received special recognition at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Sergeant Kottyan, son of Mr and Mrs. Francis B. Kottyan, was named Outstanding Airman of the Quarter for exemplary conduct and duty.

The week ending Oct. 24, 1940

Mr. and Mrs. Easterline celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary quietly at their home on South Pierce Street. Mr and Mrs. Easterline came to Galion from Tiro 25 years ago.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spraw at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Children in the nursery school at the East School building, are given cod liver and fruit juice regularly each morning.

By Deborah Elaine Evans

[email protected]