Crawford County sets record with indictments in 2015

War on drugs credited for 328 cases reported in 2015

By Chris Pugh - [email protected]

Matt Crall

Matt Crall

Crawford County officials say they are continuing to fight the war against drugs hard in the area.

County Prosecutor Matthew Crall announced the indictments of 28 new cases from this week’s first session of the October Grand Jury this week.

He said the indictments consisted of 35 individual charges, which included 20 drug charges.

“Many of these cases directly relate to the ongoing drug epidemic which effects Crawford County, the State of Ohio and the United States,” Crall said. “While we could choose to see these indictments as a negative indicator of the continued use of illegal drugs, I personally choose to see this as a sign that law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office are aggressively fighting criminal actions which is a part of the solution to ending this epidemic.”

According to Crall’s office, juries have returned 328 indictments as of this week, which breaks last year’s previous record of 258.

“The heavy case load not only effects the hard working people in the Prosecutor’s Office,” Crall said. “Without the cooperation of law enforcement, the Clerk of Court’s Office, and the Court, the Prosecutor’s Office could not efficiently process the cases. I am proud to say that this office is, through hard work, meeting this demand.”

Matt Crall Crall
War on drugs credited for 328 cases reported in 2015

By Chris Pugh

[email protected]