Russ Kent opinion column: It doesn’t have to be ‘My way or the highway’

I turned 60 a few months ago.

I don’t know how you are supposed to feel at this age. But fear is not the emotion I expected. Especially this odd combination of fear — and thankfulness — I feel almost daily.

I’m not afraid of growing older. I’m not afraid of the increasing number of aches and pains I feel.

I am genuinely afraid for the future of this nation.

My greatest disappointment in my life is that I had no children.

But at least my offspring won’t have to deal with the civil war I see in America’s future. For that I’m thankful.

I’m not the only who feels that way. In in recent days, I’ve had three conversation like this with friends and acquaintances.

The bitterness, lack of respect, genuine disdain and complete lack of tolerance for anyone who doesn’t agree with your point of view is out of control.

Our next civil war won’t be between the north and south; blacks and whites, or Hispanics and Americans, Muslim and Americans or even the haves and the have-nots.

It will be a battle of liberal vs. conservative, and I fear it will be a fight to the death … the death of this nation.

Laugh if you wish, but it’s the truth.

Unfortunately, the “leadership” of this country is too ignorant to realize the road they are leading us down.

Compromise has always been hard to come by when it comes to laws and enacting taxes in Washington.

These days, compromise is a very-dirty word. For many members of Congress it is an unforgivable sin. For the national media covering politics … there is nothing worse than compromise.

A compromise is a big, fat loss.

I don’t see that embarrassing anecdote changing when it comes to politicians and a national media that won’t admit its bias is .

The childish behavior exhibited in recent months is abhorrent.

I can’t find fault with President Trump for the victory laps he is currently taking. The Democratic party and much of the national news media has been looking for ways to overturn the 2016 election since the night Trump shocked the world — and embarrassed the national media — with his win over Hillary Clinton.

Still, one day soon, President Trump needs to stop the victory tour, extend a hand to the U.S. House of Representatives and get busy on healing this nation.

But I do not see that happening

The U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. president need to find a way to work together.

Just as Trump needs to tone down his rhetoric, Democrats and the national media, must realize that the 2016 election is over and Donald Trump won.

Sadly, this will not happen either.

The national news media will never admit how wrong they were in 2016. They couldn’t have been that wrong. Someone has to have cheated.

That’s why — in my view — politicians are not the biggest culprit on our road to another civil war.

We elect politicians based on their views. Politicians are supposed to be advocates for the people they represent. Elected officials are supposed to be partisan. Their job is to fight for what those who voted them into office believe.

The national media bills itself as being non-partisan, or at the least bi-partisan.

Sadly, that is far from the truth.

In the early days of newspapers, media was anything but non-partisan. Media partisanship was obvious. It was not ignored. Based on the name of the newspaper you read, you knew from which point of view the news was being written. Names like ‘The Daily Conservative’ or the ‘Daily Junction Democrat’ waged daily war in communities all over the nation.

The media didn’t hide its point of view. They were proud of their opinions and the points of views they advocated. They picked sides and didn’t lie about their feelings.

Today, every major “national news’ organization” — large media companies, TV, radio, Internet, magazines and newspapers — bills itself as being unbiased, or non-partisan, or fair and balanced.

The fact is, none of them are.

Half the nation believes everything reported or opined on MSNBC and CNN is the truth. That same segment of the population believes everything reported on Fox News is a pack of lies.

That’s a great way to earn viewership points and advertising dollars. Preach to those with like views.

And that’s acceptable.

Just tell the masses what side of the aisle you are advocating.

The national news media does not have to be unbiased. Media can report the news as they wish and offer their opinions. Just be honest and tell the people what the hell you are doing and which candidate or cause your are behind.

But it’s not going to happen.

The big lie has been going on so long, it can’t be walked back.

Advocating for and presenting the news and opining are not the same thing.

But that’s how the national media presents them.

Apparently, Americans don’t care about the truth either. We only want to hear opinions and points of view that align with our own.

That’s a bad way to run a nation.

Our national motto used to be in “In God we Trust.”

Or new motto should be “My way or the highway.”

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