Bellville Village Council OKs $12 million budget

By Louise Swartzwalder - Galion inquirer

BELLVILLE — The village will be operating on a projected budget of $1,290,608.31 in 2020, according to figures recently approved by council.

This figure is down slightly from the amount in 2019, which was $1,328,383.48. Figures were provided to council by fiscal officer Aimee Brown.

Council approved those numbers, and several colleagues said they felt good about that action, because last year numbers weren’t completed until April.

All budget figures are available for residents to view in village offices.

The estimated revenue for 2020 is $849,700. That comes from property and bed taxes. The amount in 2019 was $904,669.43.

It is the practice in municipalities to transfer funds from sources during the year to make sure all obligations are met.

Property taxes were $198,400.14 in 2019, according to the figures. Bed tax totaled $127,884.24 in 2019.

The village operates with a general fund, plus separate allocations for areas like streets, sewer and water, and the cemetery.

The village passed a police levy, and that fund also operates separately.

The police fund has $809,858.19 available. Salaries and expenses take up $696,824.42 of that amount. This leaves a reserve balance of $113,033.97.

The street maintenance fund for 2020 is projected to be $93,997.00. Salaries for those workers are projected to be $97,375.00.

Figures for the administration show a mayor’s salary of $16,000; council members get a total of $9,000.00. The village administrator receives $51,565.00 and the fiscal officer, $40,000.00.

Village hall expenditures for items like various utilities total $42,000.

Committees within council are assigned a specific dollar amount. There is a figure for parks ($143,354.00) and community development ($62,435.06).

A variety of separate funds is in place. They include state highway fund, cemetery fund, special park fund, income tax fund, law enforcement fund, and law education fund.

A mayor’s court operates. The clerk for that enterprise will receive $16,700.00 in 2020. That figure is up from 2019, when the amount was $11,492.00.

Council voted in a salary increase for all employees, and department heads have been given the responsibility of figuring how to distribute those funds among personnel.

By Louise Swartzwalder

Galion inquirer