Galion City Council ready for the new year

By Russ Kent - Galion Inquirer

GALION — During a brief special meeting Monday night of Galion City Council, new members were introduced and committee assignments were doled out as the the council got organized for the new year.

New members Ken Bodkins Sr., and Aaron Ivy were introduced. Bodkins will represent Ward 1 voters. Ivy is the council representative for Galion’s Ward 2. Other members include: Mike Richart (Ward 3); Tammy Siclair-Erlsten (Ward 4) and council-at-large members Gail Baldinger, Thomas Fellner and Mark Triplett.

In last November’s election Carl Watt was re-elected city council President. Baldinger was named president pro-tem for the next two years. Council members also named current City Council Clerk Julie to continue in that role for the next two years. Natasha Hatfield will be city council clerk pro-tem. Pro-tems stand in for the council president and clerk if they are unavailable or unable to do their jobs.

Committee assignments were also announced by Watt:

  • Finance Committee: Baldinger is the committee chairman, with Fellner and Ivy also on the commitee.
  • Laws and Ordinances; Zoning and Permits: Ivy is chairman, with Baldinger and Triplett the other members.
  • Parks and Recreation: Ivy is the chairman, with Bodkins and Richart the other members.
  • Police, Fire and Health Committee: Erlsten is the chairwoman, with Baldinger and Bodkins the other members.
  • Utilities Committee: Triplet is chairman, Fellner and Richart the other members.
  • Streets, Alleys, Trees and Bridges: Bodkins is chairman, with Erlsten and Triplett the other members.
  • Economic Development and Airport: Fellner is chairman, with Erlsten and Ivy the other members.

Galion City Council meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in council chambers, on the second floor of the Municipal Building, 301 Harding Way East.

Here is contact information for each of the council members and other city officials

  • Carl W. Watt, council president — 419-468-4388 (H); 419-561-1900 (C);
  • Ken Bodkins — 1st Ward; 419-569-1240 (C);
  • Richard “Aaron” Ivy, 2nd Ward — 419-569-9656 (C);
  • Mike Richart, 3rd Ward — 419-617-9145 (C); mikerichart.3rdward
  • Tammy Siclair-Erlsten, 4th Ward — 419-512-1201 (C);
  • Gail Baldinger, member-at-large — 419-295-3831 (C);
  • Mark Triplett, member-at-large — 419-571-2817 (C);
  • Thomas G. Fellner, member-at-large —419-468-2629 (H); 419-564-5234 (C); 419-468-4285 (W);
  • Julie L. Bell, clerk of council —419-569-1009 (C); 419-468-9557 (W); 419-468-7620 (Fax);
  • Tom O’Leary, mayor — 419-468-1857;
  • Nikki Ward, safety-service director — 419-468-1857;
  • Natasha Hatfield, administrative assistant — 419-468-1857;
  • Matt Echelberry, communications director — 419-468-1857; matt
  • Brian Treisch, auditor — 419-468-1823;
  • Thomas Palmer, law director — 419-777-7176;
  • Rod Sparks, treasurer — 419-468-1823;

By Russ Kent

Galion Inquirer