Galion police reports

Wednesday, Nov. 27

11:31 a.m.-A sex offense was reported to Galion police.a.

6:22 p.m.-A domestic dispute was reported in the 300 block of Tidd Drive.

Thursday, Nov. 28

9:57 a.m.-A resident of the public square area reported a window broken in a car the previous night.

1:58 p.m.-Police received a report of a truck being broken into and several items stolen in the 200 block of North Market Street.

Friday, Nov. 29

9:39 a.m.-A standby was conducted in the 600 block of Harding Way East.

1:58 p.m.-A standby was conducted at the police department.

7:45 p.m.-A 23-year-old Galion man was arrested on a charge of possession of drugs in the 700 block of Carter Drive.

Saturday, Nov. 30

1:44 a.m-After a traffic stop near South Street, a 37-year-0ld Crestline man was arrested for possession of drugs and operating a vehicle under the influence.

1:15 p.m.-Police are investigating a report of a man threatening people with a gun the previous night in the 600 block of Harding Way East.

7:24 p.m.-Police arrested a 42-year-old Galion man after a fight was reported in the 100 block of West Railroad Street.

Sunday, Dec. 1

1:36 a.m.-Police received a report of three people acting suspiciously around vehicles near Third Avenue. Three juveniles were questioned and released to their parents or guardians.

4:26 p.m.-A Galion resident reported getting counterfeit money from someone purchasing an item.

7:16 p.m.-A Harding Way East resident reported being harassed.

Monday, Dec. 2

6:47 a.m.-Truck parts were reported stolen from Schwan’s Home Service.

8:36 a.m.-One person was arrested after police received a report from Galion Hospital about a possible domestic violence incident.

9:50 a.m.-Medication was reported stolen from a vehicle in the 1200 block of Harding Way East.

4:09 p.m.-A man called police and told them he found what he thinks is cocaine in a Charles Street residence. Police are testing evidence that was collected.

7:58 p.m.-Two people received disorderly conduct warnings after a reported fight in the 200 block of South Jefferson Street.

9:46 p.m.-One man was arrested for disorderly conduct in the 200 block of South Jefferson Street.

Tuesday, Dec. 3

7:37 p.m.-A South Union Street resident told police he was robbed and some gaming paraphernalia was vandalized.