Bed bug found at Galion Intermediate School

The Galion City School District, in cooperation with the Galion City Health Department, can confirm one isolated case of a bed bug being found on a student and on a desk in that student’s classroom at the Galion Intermediate School.

When the bed bug was discovered on the student, and then the bed bug found on the desk several weeks later, the Intermediate School followed protocols and procedures for responding to the issue as prescribed by the Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force. The district administrators have been working closely with the Galion City Health Department to ensure safe and effective procedures are being followed to prevent further findings. The Health Department is not recommending that parents remove their children from school due to this bed bug finding.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bed bugs are a nuisance but are not known to cause or spread disease. They are usually active at night when they feed, and their bite is usually painless but may become swollen and itch.

If you have experienced bed bugs in your home, it is strongly recommended that you seek professional assistance from a licensed pest control company. Contact your healthcare provider should you suspect that you, or a family member, require care for bed bug bites.

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