Water park could be in the works in Bellville

By Zach Jones - [email protected]

A Bellville water park could soon be a possibility, if the parks committee can get the funding to construct the structure sometime in the near future.

During a busy Bellville Parks and Recreation Committee meeting, members discussed installing a free, community centered splash park on village land.

Parks and Recreation Committee President Larry Rose said he has been in talks with several communities around the area that have constructed similar facilities to what he and the committee have in mind.

“Ashland has a very elaborate four section splash park,” said Rose to the committee as he was showing photos of their facility. “It cost about $80,000 to build, but I would like to get it done. It’s been a nice thing for their community.”

Rose’s research of Ashland’s facility came as a result of Councilman Victor Swisher saying he was addressed by several Bellville residents who wanted a similar structure in the village.

“I know we have a lot of people from Bellville and Butler who use Ashland’s,” said Swisher to council. “It would be nice to get one installed.

Rose’s proposed structure would likely be installed in Legion Park and cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $50,000 he stated.

Citing more pressing measures, such as the village’s tennis court resurfacing, Rose expressed that while he would like to have the facility constructed, it would have to be tabled for the time being.


By Zach Jones

[email protected]