Celebrate Recovery 12-Step program begins Nov. 4 at Galion St. Paul UMC

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GALION — On Nov. 4 at 7 p.m. Celebrate Recovery® begins a fourth 12-Step Study at St. Paul United Methodist Church l, 746 Cherry St. The 12-step study is available to anyone dealing with of life’s endless list of difficulties. In Celebrate Recovery® such situations are called a hurt, habit or hang-up.

Hurt-could be classified as any life experience that may have damaged your heart, some offense against you that crippled your ability to deal with the world in a healthy way.

Habit-tend to be unhealthy patterns that often start as a perceived “remedy” for some problem in your life, but end up turning into a chronic behavior. It is a repeat, default scripts you run to when the going gets tough.

Hang-Up-is a road block keeping you from progressing further in your life. A hang-up is often shaped by some bent thinking you may have received as a child, or some unhealthy attitude you adopted as a means of coping with life’s challenges.

We have all heard the saying, “Time heals all wounds” and many of us can attest to the fact that this is not true. In fact, when a hurt, habit or hang-up is not dealt with it can fester causing more pain for a long time. We all need a way to heal from past and current hurts, habits and hang-ups.

Most people are familiar with the classic 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and many other 12-Step recovery programs. All such programs are good and have helped many people. Celebrate Recovery® 12-Step Study does not seek to replace any recovery program. The purpose of a Celebrate Recovery® 12-Step Study is too add to an individuals’ recovery.

There are no dues, no “Church” allegiances and no membership requirements. The only commitment attendees make is to themselves. For more information call Saint Paul United Methodist church at419-468-4557.


Staff report

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