Man accused of killing father faces $5 million bond

Staff report

Fredrick Saunders Jr.

Fredrick Saunders Jr.

A Galion man is facing a $5 million bond after being accused of aggravated murder in the death of his father last week in the city.

Frederick Saunders Jr., 36, could face 10-25 years in prison if convicted.

Crawford County Municipal Court Judge Shane Leuthold said he imposed the heavy bond believing Saunders Jr. could be a flight risk.

Investigators said Fredrick Saunders Sr., 68, also of Galion, died from strangulation and blunt force trauma to the head, leading investigators to rule his death a homicide.

Several weeks ago, Saunders Sr. received attention after going missing from his South Union Street home. The man was found four days later at his sister’s home in Marion.

The Galion Police Department, with assistance from state and county law enforcement agencies, began investigating the circumstances of Saunders’s death, after he passed away in Galion Community Hospital Wednesday.

According to Galion Police Chief Brian Saterfield, the elder Fredrick Saunders lived in the residence with his son and other family members.

Saterfield said it was family members who transported Fred Saunders Sr., to the hospital after they noticed there was something wrong with him late Tuesday evening.

Fredrick Saunders Jr. Saunders Jr.

Staff report