Crawford County property transfers – September

The following property transfers were recorded in Crawford County during the month of September:

* Margaret M. Kime to Debra K. Teynor, 201 N. Lane St., Bucyrus, $6,500

* Julie M. Jones and Christopher C. Jones to Selene Finance LP, 614 Prospect St., Bucyrus, $24,000*

* Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to CR Properties 2015 LLC, 808 South St., Crestline, $7,650

* Theodore P. Hansen, Jr. a married man to Robert M. Vasil, 311 N. Walnut St., Bucyrus, $5,000

* Dale E. Harrell and Amy E. Harrell to Timothy A. Musselman and Connie S. Musselman, 230 South Boston St., Galion, $230,000

* Joan G. Taylor, Trustee of The Hilda Gibb Trust to NexGen Land Company LLC, 50.50 Acres, Crawford Marion Rd., Bucyrus, $212,000

* Joan G. Taylor, Trustee of The Paul Gibb Trust to NexGen Land Company LLC, 50.50 Acres, Crawford Marion Rd., Bucyrus, $212,000

* Joseph A. Daniels to The Kalb Family Irrevocable Trust, 302 Orchard Ct., Galion $130,000

* Clifford Ritchie to Thomas E. & Mary E. Sebastian, 680 Crescent Way, Galion, $66,500

* Jane R. Ank to D & B Real Estate, LLC an Ohio Limited Liability*, 819 East Main St., Crestline $139,055

* Larry B. Swick & Barbara J. Schiefer to Neil D. Oberlander, 4212 State Route 19, Bucyrus, $15,000

* Connie M. Kellner to Lucas W. and Magdalena B. Harding, 350 Grove Ave., Galion, $12,000

* Rosene Richcreek to Kevin & Brenda Buchanan, 285 Brentwood Dr., Bucyrus, $250,000

* Sean A & Terri A Longstreth to Ami L & James E Hay, Jr. 400 Laughbaum Dr., Galion, $130,000

* Jimmy W & Phyllis J Henson to R Edward & Cindy A Kline, 460 Laughbaum Dr., Galion, $135,000

* George L Sutton & Karon K Sutton, as trustees of the Sutton Family Irrevocable Trust or their successors, dated Feb. 16, 2012 to Robert J & Valerie E VanBuren, 720 N Columbus St., Galion, $74,900

* Karen Morris to The Bank of New York Mellon, as Trustee, 3816 Cheryl St., Bucyrus, $43,334

* Alan Kirk Schiefer & Shirley J Schiefer to Jaime L Tudor, 326 Nora St., Bucyrus, $63,000

* JP Morgan Chase Bank to Jennifer H Smith, 115 Switzer Dr., Galion, $82,425

* Mark J & Carolyn J Stefanik to Lori A Dyer & Joan A Collette, 1165 Westmoor Dr., Galion, $113,500

* Jason Kruse, aka, Jason M Kruse & Katie Druse aka Katie M Suter to Eric Foght & Samantha E Foght, 1911 Brokensword Rd., Bucyrus, $80,000

* Nationstar Mortgage to Joshua Huston, 6127 Lincoln Highway, Crestline, $16,000

* Richard Gervals, etal to Daniel J Farrar, 4192 St Rt 19, Bucyrus, $65,000

* Edward E & Ladora J Rowe to Ann M Arnold, 325 S. Market St., Galion, $7,500

* Donald D Miller & Elizabeth A Miller to Jordan M Hawk & Katherine E Hawk, 501 Martin Ave., Bucyrus, $76,000

* Vickie A Bowen aka Vickie A Harris to James D & Sue E Mee, 850 West Mary St. Bucyrus, $50,114.

* Kenneth Carl Aidt to Michael B & Carolyn S Mutchler, 57.20 acres, Shroll Rd., Bucyrus, $457,600

* Kyle J Loy to Andrew V Krebs & Jessica L Krebs, 608 Bucyrus St., New Washington, $23,000

Rosemary Rhodes to Nicholas J Simpson, 1245 Murray St, (shed-garage) Galion, $7,500

Joy A Bender to Michele L & Seldon L Hoffman, 1826 Brokensword Rd., Bucyrus, $129,900

Guenter H Greilich to Richard G Greilich, 4076 Hopley Ave., Bucyrus, $15,000

David Paul Development, LTD Receiver for A+Rental Property to Samuel Darby, 265 Libby Lane, Galion, $525,000

Glen A & Tina M Stewart to Dakota Lawrence, 812 South Kibler St., New Washington, $67,075

Cory M & Amy E Kitchen to Joy A Bender, 859 Marion Rd., Bucyrus, $75,000

Russell L Breyley & Randall A Breyley to Billy Gayhart, 607 Granet Ct., Bucyrus, $60,000

Lee A & Terri J Brewington to Sarah M Barlow aka Sarah M Wynn, 2946 Quaintance Rd., Bucyrus, $50,000

Edna A Keller, Successor Trustee of the Norbert P Keller Trust dated April 5, 1995 and any amendments thereto to Joshua A Keller, 7712 Remlinger Rd. #605, Crestline, $59,492.

Edna A Keller to Joshua A Keller, 7712 Remlinger, #606, Crestline, $59,492

Patricia D Timmons to Jason A & Kelsey M Keller as to an undivided ½ interest, Lower Leesville Rd., Crestline, $60,783.

Patricia D Timmons to Francis C & Nancy A Keller, as to an undivided ½ interest, Lower Leesville Rd., Crestline, $60,783.

Fishpaw Realty Holdings, Ltd to William Joe Harris, 626 S Boston St, Galion, $6,500

Melissa L Dalenberg to Kaleb B Brown, 838 Timberlane Dr., Galion, $74,900

Margaret M Kime, Successor Trustee to Debra K Teynor, 201 N Lane St., Bucyrus, $6,500

*Sheriff Sale or Foreclosure