New traffic signal imminent

GALION — Perhaps the most important news coming from Tuesday’s Galion City Council meeting came after Council President Car Watt adjourned for the evening.

Exiting the meeting, Mayor Tom O’Leary said the long-awaited traffic light for Brandt Road and Ohio 598 could be installed by Halloween.

Funding in the amount of $150,000 for the traffic light has already been approved. But an ordinance shifting payment from the “Permanent Improvement” section of the Galion budget to the “Electric Operating Fund,” was unable to be acted upon due to the excused absenses of council members Shirley Clark and Tammy Siclair-Erlsten.

A special city council meeting was scheduled for 5 p.m. Friday so city council members could tackle several pieces of legislation that need to be passed prior to the end of August.

O’Leary explained that there already is electric available to the intersection, so as soon as utility poles can be put in place, it won’t take long to get the new traffic signal working.

Left turn lanes are still at least a couple years away at the busy intersection, that has only gotten busier in recent years as business development has increased north and south of Brandt Road. However, the traffic signal will include left-hand turn signals which should make traffic flow a little less hazardous and more smooth.

The other ordinances expected to be acted upon Friday included another budget adjustment to pay for some unexpected work that needed to be done at Galion Municipal Airport, an ordinance that allows the Ohio Department of Transportation to perform bridge inspections services in the city, and an ordinance providing an easement to the Crawford County Board of Commissioners in connection with a bridge rehabilitation project near the entrance to the waste water treatment facility on Hosford Road.

The only legislation acted on Tuesday was a utility pole agreement that allows Everstream Solutions to connect to Galion-owned utility poles in order to provide fiber optic services to current and future businesses in the community.

Other legislation to be acted on at a future city council meeting includes the sale of property to the city in furtherance of a proposed bike bath. Also a wetland mitigation agreement for real estate near U.S. 30 and Ohio 598 will be discussed. It involves property proposed to become a recreation facility.

Lastly, a rezoning of a section of Galion — from Murray Street east to Ohio 19 and from South Street south to Dawsett Avenue — will be addressed. It changes the zoning on that area from Manufactured Home Residential to a Family Residential District. A public hearings has already been held on this change.

The next regular Galion City Council meeting is Sept. 10 at 7 p.m. in council chambers on the second floor of the Municipal Building.


By Russ Kent