Track the progress of the 1919 military convoy as it approaches Galion on Saturday

GALION — Here ‘s how you can keep track of the progress of the 1919 military convoy that is expected in Galion sometime around mid-morning Saturday.

The trip is already underway. The group, with several dozen military vehicles — old and new — and its entourage is will bivouac overnight in Wooster and take off in the morning for Galion, en route to Upper Sandusky.

Several hundred people lined the streets in and out of East Liverpool, Ohio on Thursday to see the convoy.

A good crowd is also expected in Galion on Saturday morning.

Here are a couple ways you can follow the progress of the convoy.

Track the convoy’s progress

The group organizing and running this convoy has a Facebook pate that is updated throughout the day as to the whereabouts of the vehicles, drivers and entourage. Here is a link to the Facebook page. If the link to FB does not work, here it is again.

You can track the convoy’s progress on your phone or computer via GPS and Google maps. Here is a link to a GPS tracker attached to the lead vehicle in the convoy. This vehicle is typically 15 to 20 minutes ahead of the convoy. If the link does not work, here it is again …