ODOT no longer delaying projects for lack of funding

Staff report

ASHLAND- With more than 81 active projects in District 3 this summer, the Ohio Dept of Transportation has been busy.

This year alone, we have had more than 28 pavement projects worth over $77 million; all of which are improving our roadways and ultimately, making them safer. Thanks to the additional funding from the Transportation Budget, which will go into effect on Monday, July 1, we will be able to continue with projects like these.

“Safety is always the priority. With the additional revenue from the Transportation Budget, we can move forward with not only our scheduled maintenance projects, but we can look forward to other new projects as well,” said Bob Weaver, District 3 Deputy Director. “Everything we do is geared toward making the roadways safer, and thanks to the increased funding, we can continue to work on it.”

There were numerous projects that were being delayed based on the funding issues the Ohio Department of Transportation was facing at the beginning of the year. With the allocation increase, District 3 will now be able to move forward with those projects, which will include bridge designs and resurfacing projects.

The increased revenue from the Transportation Budget will not only help meet the needs of ODOT, the local governments will benefit from it as well. To see how much local governments are expected to receive, click here.


Staff report