SCENES FROM OKTOBERFEST: Food safety crucial

By Deborah Elaine Evans - Galion Inquirer

Galion health officials are reminding vendors at Oktoberfest and all city festivals to follow food regulations to ensure safety for public consumption.

“There are state rules,” Director of Environmental Health Stephanie Zmuda said. “They apply everywhere in the state and everything is online. They can ask any Health Department, they are more than happy to work with everyone.”

The purpose of the inspections is to keep people from eating food that could potentially harm them.

“My goal is not to put anyone out of business,” Zmuda said. “We work with the vendor to keep them in operation. That is always our first option. Anything I find during inspection that is critical gets corrected right away. Critical means its more likely to get somebody sick.”

She said this is not the most pleasant part of the job.

“Stephanie is out there doing everything she is supposed to do,” Galion City Health Commissioner Trish Factor said. “To uphold the law and regulations, but most importantly to keep the community safe and healthy.”

By Deborah Elaine Evans

Galion Inquirer