As warmer weather arrives, be on the lookout for bicyclists, motorcyclists

RICHLAND COUNTY — As the weather warms up so does the urge to get back outside and hit the road (or trail) on a bicycle or a motorcycle. That’s why May is a big for both modes of transportation.

May is National Bike Month as well as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Richland Public Health encourages all to get out and ride a bike for healthy exercise. In addition to the popular B&O Bike Trail, take advantage of the marked Mansfield Bike Loop. Don’t have a bicycle? You can check one out at the Mansfield-Richland County Public Libraries in Butler and Lexington. All you need is a library card (bikes provided by Richland Public Health). Here are some quick safety tips for bike users and drivers.

Safety tips for riders: For all Riders: Protect your head. Always wear a helmet; Make sure your bike is road-ready; Bike Riders Be Visible: wear bright or florescent colors; Motorcycle Riders Gear Up: wear proper protection including boots and eye wear; Use signals (hand or turn signals) to indicate your intentions to other road users; Check for traffic: 70 percent of car-bike crashes occur at driveways or intersections; Obey the rules of the road (traffic laws); Bicyclists should avoid riding at night or in low light conditions.

Safety tips for drivers: Protect your life: Always wear a seat belt; Be especially cautions around young bike users; Remember that bike users are entitled to the full lane. Slow down and stay behind until safe to pass; When passing a bike or motorcycle rider, give a three-foot safety cushion; Look twice for other road users, especially at intersections.


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