Here we go again: Heavy snow, frigid temps, wind forecast Saturday, Sunday in Galion

GALION — When it comes to predicting the weather, forecasts and forecasters are all over the place.

A major storm is predicted to blow through Ohio Saturday. That much we know.

But the details will remain in flux through the weekend.

Forecasts since Sunday have gone up.

And they’ve gone down.

The current guesstimate for snow accumulation has gone up. The National Weather Service — as of 10:30 a.m. Tuesday — is predicting 5 to 8 inches of snow Saturday and another 3 to 5 inches Saturday night and Sunday.

And then, it’s going to get really nasty.

The wind will pick up Sunday night. And throughout Saturday and Sunday temperatures will plummet. The current predicted low for Sunday night is -4 degrees. That’s several degrees colder than the early predictions. The wind will make for dangerous wind chills.

So dress accordingly and get your home ready. Plug in the pipe warmers Saturday evening if you have them and perhaps keep a trickle of water running throughout the night.

However, you’re not ready for a storm yet, there is still time.

It you went to the store late last week and your favorite grocer was already out of milk, bread, beer, water and toilet paper, you‘ve been warned. Now you can get there there early. It also wouldn’t hurt to pick up a few gallons of water and some batteries, too.

It’s definitely going to get cold, but the actual amount of snow we receive is anyone’s guess.

Some models last weekend were calling for up to 20 inches of snow. Most have been down-graded.

However much we get, the snow is expected to end in the Galion area Sunday as the storm moves east and up the coast.

But the arctic chill is going to linger.

Even though it will warm up Sunday and get above zero, there is not a day through Jan. 28 that the predicted high temperature is above the freezing mark.

These forecasts are always subject to change, so keep an eye on your local weather guessers as the storm gets closer. Or follow the Galion Inquirer at or see updates on our Facebook page.
Heavy snow, frigid temps, windare in Galion’s weekend forecast


By Russ Kent

Galion Inquirer