How much snow is enough?

GALION — If you are longing for snow in north central Ohio, you may get your wish this weekend.

Snow is forecast Saturday for the Galion area and north central Ohio. Forecasters are calling for 1-2 inches of accumulating snow. But who knows? This is Ohio. We might get a foot, or it there may be more rain to add to the muck and goo on the ground now.

In Galion, weather conditions have been mostly benign since winter officially arrived. So, if we do get snow on Saturday, what is the perfect amount for the first snowfall of 2019?

Is an inch too little?

Are three inches good?

What about six inches? Is that too much?

How about 8-12 inches? Ridiculous?

In another week or so, social media will be filled with pictures of the Blizzard of 1978, which for some reason, I can’t remember. That was 41 years ago?

Would a storm like that be a disaster, or kind of fun? Something to experience once in a lifetime? Or something to avoid at all costs?

If I get enough responses, I’ll include them in a story for Saturday’s Galion Inquirer.

In the meantime, temperatures will continue to fall this evening as a cold front blows through the area. Wind gusts of 40 mph or higher are possible. The temperature should bottom up about 25 or so by Wednesday morning.

Cooler temperatures will remain through the week, according to the National Weather Service.

Staff report