Galion man gets three years after toddler in his care ODs on cocaine

BUCYRUS — Chadwick Scribner, 45, of Galion, pleaded guilty to felony child endangerment on Wednesday in Crawford County Common Pleas Court. He was indicted in September after a six-month-old child was rushed to Galion Community Hospital, then transferred by medical helicopter to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. It was discovered that the child had overdosed on cocaine.

Scribner admitted to using crack but had no idea how the child got the cocaine. He has a lengthy record dating back to 2008 and has speintn time if prison for possession of drugs and breaking and entering.

“Here we have a low-level drug offender who is non-violent. Some people would say he’s no harm to anyone but himself,” Judge Sean Leuthold said. “The trouble is he has harmed an innocent baby. Low-level drug abuse with children around is dangerous.”

Leuthold told Scribner he was going to give him the most time possible, which is 36 months in prison.

“You want to mess up your life, that’s on you. But children take the hit when they have to live with drug abuse,” Leuthold said. “Frankly, I’m shocked we haven’t seen more of this.”

Jose Caudillo, 25, of Mansfield, was sentenced to eight months in prison last week after pleading guilty to violating the terms and conditions of his community control. Caudillo was convicted of possession of drugs and placed on community control in 2017. He appeared before Crawford County Common Pleas Court Judge Sean Leuthold.

According to probation officer Mark Alspach, Caudillo changed his address without the court’s permission and failed to report for office visits in May. In September, Caudillo tested positive for meth, methamphetamines and marijuana.

Before sentence on Caudillo, Leuthold told him, “You have got to get away from the meth. It will kill you.”

Caudillo will receive credit for jail time served.

Jesse Coffer, 47, of Bucyrus, pleaded guilty to one count of domestic violence, a third-degree felony. Leuthold sentenced him to 36 months in prison.

“You have got to change your ways,” Leuthold said. “You are getting too old to be going in prison.”

Coffer was ordered to have no contact with the victim.

Mallory Brooks, 31, of Tiro, entered a guilty plea to two counts of possession of drugs. According to the terms of the agreed sentence, Brooks will serve eight months in prison.

Leuthold asked Brooks if she had children. She responded that she did, but they were not in her custody.

“You have to get off the meth. Meth will kill you and it ages you,” Leuthold said. “For every one year a person uses meth, they age five years. Please get yourself together for the sake of you and your kids”.

Brooks will receive credit for time served. She was ordered to forfeit all drug related property to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office.

Also, Danielle Elchert, 31, of Bucyrus, got her prison sentences to run concurrently after she pleaded guilty to violating the terms and conditions of her community control. According to probation officer Chris Heydinger, Elchert tampered with evidence by trying to supply urine other than her own for a drug screen test.

Elchert had been on community control after judicial release on a felony DUI. Leuthold re-imposed the 18 months of her original sentence and added 36 months for tampering with evidence. In a rare move, Leuthold ran the sentences concurrently, meaning that Elchert will serve a total of 36 months in prison.

“I might be banging my head against a wall here, but I see something in you. I’m not giving up on you,” Leuthold said.


By Kathy Laird

Crawford County Now