Crawford County property transfers for August, 2018

These property transfers were recorded in Crawford County durinh August, 2018

HSBC Bank USA, as Trustee to Dean Pfeifer, 920 South Market St., Galion, $19,530

Karl D Kozik, unmarried to David E Amick, 551 S Wood St., Galion, $6,000

Amber N Roberts to Branden R & Mackenzie B Keener, 364 East Payne Ave., Galion, $70,000

Randal G Krebs to Davey L & Nona D Mulvain, 629 Garnet Ct., Bucyrus, $56,400

Anne C Pauley aka Anne C Huggins aka Anne C White to Randy J & Jeanine A Snyder, 3457 Monnett New Winchester Rd., Caledonia, $86,000

Gregory T & Vickie L Durham to James A Richardson, 316 River St., Bucyrus, $14,686

Khabeer J Brown to KeyBank National Association 231 Walker St., Galion, $1.00

Charles L Williams to Crystal L Rowe & Amanda M Smith, 1028 S Walnut St., Bucyrus, $77,500

Stacy L & Randy J Ratliff to Nathan R & Ashley Harding, 940 Henry St., Crestline, $150,000

Fish Dog 50, Ltd to Martha L Seckel, 509 Wedgewood Ct., Bucyrus, $119,900

Mark Weidemyre to Michael L Ritter Sr., 110 N Pierce St., Crestline, $59,000

Estate of Betty A Rafferty to Roger M & Shirley A Fissell, 809 Fairview Ave., Galion, $89,000

Shaun L & Maria F Shotwell to Christina M Rowland, 875 Biddle Rd., Galion, $112,000

Thomas R & Brenda E Cuffman to Keith D Blair, Melissa Blair, Jennifer Link, Krista Blair, 1213 John St., Bucyrus, $31,500

Brian J McDonnell to Megan K West & Jay Langhurst, 5422 Lower Leesville Rd., Crestline, $115,000

Rachel M Dyer to Colby A Bright, 143 Erie St., Galion, $34,100

Ann B Heimlich to Snapper J & Lisa Marie Vanhouten, 7807 State Route 309, Galion, $85,400

Syvlia M See & Michael R Cotsamire to H&H Land Holdings, LLC, 512 Myers St., Bucyrus, $61,000

Estate of Jean B Hesby to Cynthia Wallis, 2.5775 Heise Park Lane, Galion, $45,000

Timothy L Stoneburner, Co Executor for the Estate of Robert L Stoneburner to Moon Dog Properties, LLC, 470 Mader Dr., Bucyrus, $120,000

Sylvia Mae Noblet aka Sylvia Mae Rankin to Jeremy J & Jessica Lederer, 4359 Ranchwood Dr., Bucyrus, $160,000

Monica E White to Mark J Ellenberger, 910 Cloverdale Ave., Crestline, $98,000

Louis E & R Carolyn King to Marcia Kay King & Robert L Hurtzman, 613 W Livingston Ave., Crestline, $13,750

Elgin Land Management Inc to CBP Enterprises LLC, 101-102 W Bucyrus St., Crestline, $60,000

Joseph L & Chaney Prosser to Jennifer R Horn, 912 Fairview Ave., Galion, $85,000

John S & Lori L Welling and Anthony & Jamie Ervin to Anthony & Jamie Ervin, 2104 Wyandot Rd., Bucyrus, $105,000

Darrell Brown to Craig Wenninger, 5598 Baker Rd., Shelby, $135,000

Teresa S Wyeth to Nathan E Monk, 303 E Charles St., Bucyrus, $12,000

Donald A & Sandra E Norris to Paul J Overly, 234 Nevada Wynford Rd., Nevada, $185,000

Kenneth E & Doris E Studer to Joshua L & Kristin L Jones, 19.542 Acres, Orr Rd, Chatfield, $97,710

Roland A & Earlyn L Girouard to Damon R & Karen S Schramek, 4530 Galion New Winchester Rd., Galion, $210,000

Rick R Deems, Trustee to LOK, LLC, 1521 St. Rt. 61, Galion, $275,000

Kim A & Melissa K Kaiser to Consuelo Rivas, 223 St., James St., Crestline, $55,900

Cynthia Schaefer & Timothy Hoepf to Johnny Segal Malone, 1308 High St., Bucyrus, $30,000

William F & Mary Lee Minor to Jeremy M & Elizabeth A Crall, 833 Arrowhead Dr., Bucyrus, $178,000

Michael E Hoffman, et al to Gerry A Hoffman, 1003 Mt. Zion Rd., Bucyrus, $40,714

Brett A Grimes, Trustee or his Sucessors as Trustees of the Grimes Keystone Preservation Trust, dated March 6, 2015 to Larry D Merwine, 135 E Walnut & 717 N Columbus St., Galion, $48,000

JJ Investors LLC to Mark E Pfeifer & Allison Bullock, 500 West Warren St., Bucyrus, $66,500

Geraldine E Brewer, Estate to Roberta Kessler, 1127 Hiillcrest, Bucyrus, $170,000

Lois L Vance Estate to David G Vance, 1009 S Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $72,500

SG Capital Partners, LLC to The Dexter Group Trust, 526 McDonald Ave., Galion, $22,248

Sutter Brothers, an Ohio General Partnership (aka Sutter Bros) to Bradley & Barbara Davies, 3660 St Rt 598, Crestline, $110,000

Bradley & Barbara Davies to Richard D & Katherine A Pelton, 3660 St Rt 598, Crestline, $162,00

The First United Methodist Church of Crestline, Ohio to Tammy L. Loudermilk, 316 North Wiley St., Crestline, $45,000

Ann E. Perdue aka Anni E. Perdue, deceased to Randall Glascock and Joyce A. Glascock, 420 Kroft St., Galion, $47,500

Judith A. Adams, Joseph B. Blubaugh and Paul J. Blubaugh, Jr.,** to Morgan Alayne Frye, 400 Maynard Ave., Crestline, $117,500

Thelma Virginia Mutchler to Timothy W. Mutchler and Brenda E. Mutchler and Hanna E. Mutchler, 206 Bland Ave., Bucyrus, $36,480

Ronald A. Stief as Trustee of the Stief Family Irrevocable Trust to David S. Parker, 1255 E. Walnut St., Galion, $89,000

Rick L. Huguenin & Debra K. Hugenin, H&W to Sarah E. Pfeiffer, 408 Harding Way West, Galion, $145,000

Donald J. Rush to Philip Dwayne Bays & Shanna Bays, 4376 State Route 19, Bucyrus, $110,000

Mary Jane Bays, Dorothy C. Gearhart, Annabelle R. McDonald to Dee Ann Speece, 158 Kincora Dr., Bucyrus, $125,000

Wilma L. Palmer to Dale Palmer POA to Kevin O’ Neil, 325 South Boston St., Galion, $30,000

Christopher Perry to Kevin O’Neil, 219-221 Lucas St., Bucyrus, $35,000

Everett James and Cathy James, to Earl Glenne Holley, 134 North Pierce St., Galion, $22,000

Janet L. Donnenwirth by Linda Cooper, POA to Debra K. Schifer, 315 Heritage Circle, Bucyrus, $105,000

Nathaniel G. Shifley & Kayla Shifley to Kenneth B. Stubbs and Leslie Ramey, 1032 Dawsett Ave., Galion, $52,000

Don Moss aka Donald R. Moss to Patsy J. Rice, Trustee of the Rice Family Trust dated September 1, 2004, 359 S. Market St., Galion, $42,000

First Federal Bank of Ohio to Rasp Real Estate LLC, 1652 Whetstone St., Bucyrus, $35,000

Donald L. Nelson and Laurie D. Nelson to Tami L. Garverick, 1387 Rosedale Ave., Bucyrus, $165,000

Delores I. Mueller, Executor of the Estate of Dorothy I. Dean to Shannon Camak, 101 S. Robinson St., Tiro, $37,000

Michael D. Shipman and Angela Y. Shipman fka Angela Y. Holbrook to Frank Jerger and Tina M. Jerger, 133 Hall St., Bucyrus, $40,000

CFT Properties LLC to Schiefer Properties, Ltd., 813 Harding Way West, Galion, $60,000

Joshua J. Crouso and Serina R. Crouso to Ahmed Jama, 332 Grove Ave., Galion, $45,000*

Joseph & Sharon Scalera to Terry & Samantha Wells, 1225 N. Market St., Galion, $2,000

Julie D. Barnes to Madeline Eve Hatcher, 400 W. Church St., Galion, $92,000

Rachel Pauline Powers to Jack Bordner, 643 Woodlawn Ave., Bucyrus, $45,000

Chad A. Lewis to Ronald Dowman, 7833 State Route 309, Galion, $118,500

Sarah Frances Cain, Trustee of the Cain Family Trust dated July 16, 1999 to Suzette M. Gossett, 823 South St., Galion, $80,000

Paul G. James, Jr.; Cheri R. Slinger; Shane M. Nicole L. & Corey S. Bonomine to Ryan Q. Dinkel, 336 Laughbaum Dr., Galion, $76,000

Teresa I. Beaty aka Teresa Beaty aka Teresa Williams to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB. as trustee, 6236 Crawford Morrow County Line Rd., Galion, $34,667*

Lonnie C. Parella St. aka Lonny C. Parella to Zachery J. Taylor, 2386 Nazor Rd., Crestline, $110,000

Michael A. Semon & Caring Solutions, Inc. to Directions Credit Union, Inc., 220 E. Bucyrus St., Crestline, $143,334

Kathy A. Shindeldecker to Joanna M. O’Leary and Jacob T. O’Leary, 434 N. Union St., Galion, $84,900

Decagon, LLC. to Kristian Yates, 401 Third Ave., Galion, $2,000

Patricia Wilson, Trustee to Ann L. Pfister, 419 John St., Galion, $32,500

Brenda J. Harris to Elyse J. Teynor, 601 Kaler Ave., Bucyrus, $45,000

Debra Lyn Clauss, Executrix of Betty F. Wilkinson Estate to Robert L. Ryland and Sandra J. Ryland, 814 Victoria Dr., Bucyrus, $150,000

Nathan D. Sites, AKA Nathan Sites, et al. to PNC Bank, National Association, 120 Edgewood Dr., Galion, $40,000*

Kim E. Kiess and Julia Kiess to Kyle D. Parker, 5447 St. Rt. 19, Bucyrus, $200,000

Laura S. Schifer and Cheryl L. Seckel to Karlotta K. Kohls, 702 Park Ave., Galion, $54,000

Timothy R. Shealy to Kaple Real Estate Holdings, Ltd., Cole Rd., New Washington, $16,500

Sandra L. Brady to Ashley McMillen and Dustin McMillen, 319 Third Ave., Galion, $12,500

Christopher W. Irons and Tina A. Irons to David M. Dyer and Sherri L. Dyer, 6308 Crawford Morrow County Line Rd., Galion, $172,000

Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, D/B/A, 1810 State Route 61, Crestline, $63,334*

Roger L. & Phyllis D. Rush to Brenda L. Evans, 3 vacate lots off of 947 Ried St., Highland Ave., Bucyrus, $3,500

Mary Ruth Cheney to Philco Properties, LLC. an Ohio Limited Liability Company, 368-368 ½ North Wiley St., Crestline, $30,000

Sherrie A. Kline-Executor-Patricia Schifer to Judith A. & Dennis E. Enders, 620 Virginia Ave., Bucyrus, $57,000

Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC to Jeremiah J. Wadkins, 802 East Warren St., Bucyrus, $31,920

The Unknown Heir or Real Estate Beneficiaries of Joan J. Heskitt, deceased by PSO to Wendover Financial Servies, 660 Hollywood Dr., Galion, $119,294.29

Carl Eugene Brady, Jr. and Sheryl B. Baer, Co-Trustees to Steven M. Cook, 616 Center St., Galion, $4,500

*Sheriff Sale or Foreclosure