Crawford County’s June property transfers

These property transfers were recorded in Crawford County in June 2018:

Tara L. Bell, Exec. to Sean D. Ritzhaupt and Kendra K. Ritzhaupt, 1525 Edgewood Dr., Bucyrus, $109,000

Kevin M. Ulmer & Dawn I. Albright aka Ulmer to Kaoutzahn Property Management, LLC., 6799 St. Rt. 4, Chatfield, $38,500

Harry I. Weir to Matthew A. Gardner & Dixie D. Brown, 1249 Oliver St., Galion, $1,100

Tyler S. Freundrer & Pamela S. Dick to Ryan A. Gecks & Erica L. De Lara, 504 S. Highland Ave., Bucyrus, $117,000

Isobel E. Konwinski to Julie A. Rossman, 315 Nora St., Bucyrus, $30,000

Tracy D. Rehm & Cheryl E. Rehm to Austin D. Lutz, 1121 S. Walnut St., Bucyrus, $81,000

Steven H. Schill to Erica Lynn Hess, 306 North Henry St., Crestline, $50,000

Rick A. Stuckert and Dawn E. Stuckert to Hord Livestock Co., Inc., 3860 St. Rt. 4, Bucyrus, $360,000

Julie Zortman to Anita Jacque Littleton, 150 Shady Lane, Galion, $30,000

Justine A. Welsh to Anthony J. & Treva Bourbonnais, 1539 Marion Rd., Bucyrus, $112,000

Gary N. & Alice A. Ekleberry to Sean A. & Angie L. Bacon, 1083 Martha Dr., Bucyrus, $165,000

Arthur W. Wagner by Ronald F. Wagner, POA to Steven K. Hopkins and Kristi A. Hopkins, 2228 Freda Dr.,

Bucyrus, $78,500

U. S. Bank Trust, N.A. as Trustee for LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Orville Williams and J. Kristopher Shope, 1290 Harding Way E., Galion, $30,000

Patricia D. Timmons to William L. Roberts and Judy A. Roberts, 3100 St. Rt. 598, Crestline, $235,000

Randall J. Snyder to Roger J. Smith and Tonya Smith, 4591 St. Rt. 4, Bucyrus, $65,000

Peoples Savings and Loan Co. to Michael A. Stillwell and Tammy J. Stillwell, 3680 Poole Rd., Bucyrus, $20,000

James H. Fox and Matthew John Patterson to Dillon W. Cole, 513 North Liberty St., Galion, $52,675

Doris S. Jones & Herbert R. Jones to Steven W. & Fern C. Engelhorn, 801 Gay St., $15,000

Roger A. Laipply and Gloria J. Laipply to Cory B. Moll and Jacqueline Vanek, 335 Aumiller Park Dr., Bucyrus, $96,000

James A. Staiger to Wagner Brothers, C F Kiess Rd., Bucyrus, $28,930

Earl M. Brubaker and Barbara A. Brubaker to Joshua Morton and Sara Rowlinson, Schwemly Rd., Bucyrus, $16,000


A. Joseph S. Rosella to Matthew A. Gardner & Dixie Brown, 1241 & 1251 Olive St., Galion, $2,000

Charles E. Gwirtz to Erick E. & Jacelaine Jones, 2575 SR 598, Crestline, $13,000

Nicholas J. Rahn & Kourtney M. Rohn to Brody N. Mayes, 125 W. Atwood St., Galion, $48,000

Pamela K. Shumate, Successor Trustee, Zellner Trust, dated August 14, 2001 to George Noggle, 513 Wedgewood Ct., Bucyrus, $107,000

Tammy Loudermilk to Jena R. Bruce, 304 N. Washington Ave., Crestline, $2,500

Lyle A. Chasse and Penny S. Chasse to Firelands Federal Credit Union, 446 S. Union St., Galion, $15,000*

Beth A. Rose to Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc., 933 Whetstone St., Bucyrus, $37,312.28

Benjamin J. Bassett and Casey M. Bassett to LeeAnne C. Watters and Cory W. Stevens, 175 Wayne Ave., Bucyrus, $68,500

Timothy Steven Ringle Trustee to William L. Hayes Jr. & Jeffrey A. Hayes, 1309 S. Walnut St., Bucyrus, $64,900

JW Congregation Support, Inc. to Dennis L. Koehler, 3158 Carrell Rd., Bucyrus, $8,000

Michelle Moreton to Jennifer N. Reed and Alexander N. Reed, 1180 Knorr Rd., Galion, $220,000

Marjorie A. Gregory, Trustee to Laura A. Shuler, 1025 Greenbrier Ave., Galion, $211,500

Joseph P. Tate and D’Lainie J. Tate to Steven Utz, 529 S. Poplar St., Bucyrus, $50,000

Dana Kae Reid to Tiffany Marshall, 233 East Main St., Bucyrus, $14,000

Eugene L Hunt, Executor of Julius N Sabback Estate to Zorns & Byers, LTD, 851 S Spring St., Bucyrus, $7,500

Expressway Auto Parts, LLC to 222 Pierce St., LLC, 222 Pierce St., Crestline, $53,000

Regis W Jones, Trustee to Ashley L Hale, 606 W Perry St., Bucyrus, $60,000

Leslie A & William D Anderson to Ashley R & Zachary R Agee, 337 W Southern Ave., Bucyrus, $122,000

David & Melissa Hammock to Alex F Messer, Jr. 143 Wayne Ave., Bucyrus, $40,000

William T Kibler to Craig J & Karen S Hudson, 3864 Kehrer Rd., Bucyrus, $280,000

Amanda C Carpenter & Garrick Jorgensen to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, 802 West Livingston Ave., Crestline, $32,667

Kenneth & Rosemary Enderle to Matthew T Felder & Brittany A Lowd, 1191 Shearer Rd., Galion, $129,000

Scott Straubaugh & Terri Niedermier, Co-Exec to Eric T & Abby M Stockmaster, 6366 Schwermly Rd., New Washington, $236,000

First Federal Community Bank to Michael L Adkins, 6874 Sandusky St., Bloomville, $10,000

Edward R Stevens, Jr. to Andrew Keets, 1680 Heinle Rd., Bucyrus, $415,000

Cynthia A Wallis to Jeremiah & Emily Woodmansee, 128 Gill Ave., Galion, $110,000

Jonathan L Ivy, et al to NOIC, Inc FKA The Northern Ohio Investment Company, 6184 St Rt 19, Galion, $48,000

Richard A Fannin & Jessie E Mason to Dallas W & Crystal L Bollinger, 606 East Southern Ave., Bucyrus, $5,000

Katrina M Shell to Bernard F & Valerie L Bauer, 126 E Mansfield St., New Washington, $35,000

Ruth M Flannery, unmarried to Heather M Boyer, 121 S Pierce St., Galion, $17,500

Troy & Brooke Shealy to Richard A Kalb, 200 E Oakwood, Bucyrus, $35,000

Glen E Predmore to Michael A & Wendy L Rose, 6011 Lydell Rd., New Washington, $75,000

Kenneth G Riddlebarger to Stephanie A Brown & Nicole C Tschanen, 6238 Sears St., Bucyrus, $40,000

Valerie N Sanderson, Trustee to Anna M Fishbaugh, 523 Tiffin St., New Washington, $65,000

Michael E Kochheiser by PSO to HSBC Bank USA, N.A. as Trustee on behalf of ACE Securities, 920 South Market St., Galion, $26,667

John Wolff to Leonard M Kaczmark II, 516 N Seltzer, Crestline, $87,900

Roger E & Sally A Durnwald to Kyle C Barmum, 211 Willacker St., New Washington, $83,500

Gregory T & Kim M Gabriel to Clarence W & Mary A Skidmore, 304 Dudley St., Bucyrus, $35,000

Cheryl J Gray to Christopher K Crowl, 1160 St Rt 61, Galion, $79,500

Douglas A Wilburn & Tonya Grubb to Terry Carlisle, 800 E Irving St. Bucyrus, $30,000

Edward A Brause & Cynthia K Eusey, Co-trustees to James A Ream, 581 S Poplar St., Bucyrus, $1,000

Wayne E Brause as Trustee to James A Ream, 575 S Poplar St., Bucyrus, $1,000

Stanley & Cynthia Eusey to James A Ream, 575 S Poplar St., Bucyrus $1,000

Ronald L Schroeder, Trustee of the Schroeder Keystone Inheritance to Nicholas L Schroeder, Crestline Rd., Crestline, $71,509.

Mark A & Elizabeth A Smith to Brian J McDonnell, 1172 St Rt 100, Bucyrus, $260,000.

Alena & Jeff Wehr to Brittani N McVeigh, 2922 Lemert Rd., Bucyrus, $75,000

Sandra Lynn Shade to Charles E & Amy E Miller, 806 Brentwood Dr., Galion, $100,000

Rhonda Winks, FKA Rhonda Miner to Zachary J Hatfield, 7957 Oldfield Rd., Crestline, $135,000

Ruth M Flannery to Michael L & Mandy N Cellar, 620 N Union St., Galion, $47,900

Earnest L Surgener to Jessica Waugh, 206 Park Rd., Crestline, $8,000

Charles G & Janet J Kemper to Thomas G & Nataliya Schwenning, 7100 Kile Rd., Crestline, $259,000

Dwight Weisenauer, Trustee to Michael R Weisenauer, 1150 New Washington Rd., Bloomville, $847,000

Michael E & Marsha A Chester to Troy D & Angela Marie Stolze, 533 Souith Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $72,000

Erma M Agin aka Erma Mae Agin to Ashley D & Desmond K Thornton, 255 Whetstone St., Bucyrus, $35,000

Betty L Hinklin to Cynthia A Rider, 208 8th St., Galion, $65,900

Harold D Sulser to Peggy K & Jonathan L Bosh, 279 N. Union, Galion, $28,000

Gregory S Striker, Trustee to Paulette S Litton, 630 Sitler Ave., Bucyrus, $93,500

James P & Joan Connolly Trust dated 10/31/2002 to James A & Kimberly M Brinson, 802 S. Market St., Galion, $58,900

Robert L & Janice A Bishop to Tyler Delaney, 111 South Pierce, Galion, $10,000

Paulette Frederick fka Paulette Hickmand & John W Frederick to Kimberly A Hickman, 438 Sherman St., Galion, $10,500

Lisa A Church aka Lisa Miller to Tyler E Hatcher & MacKenzie L Wagers, 861 Grove Ave., Bucyrus, $73,500

Ronald Chamlis, Successor Trustee to Janet M Ransbottom, 403 Dudley St., Bucyrus, $50,000

Estate of Steven J Miller to Kevin M & Ginger M McDaniels, 1686 Caldwell Rd., Bucyrus, $57,00

The Estate of Russell A. Long to Crawford Park District, 6.891 Acres, SR 598, Jefferson Twp., Crestline, $35,000

KMS Enterprises Group, LLC to Walnut Grain Farms LLC, St. Rt. 96, Crestline, $10,000

Robert L. Laipply, Jr. aka Robert L. Laipply to Tyler J. Stuckert and Cassandra E. Stuckert, 918 S. Walnut St., Bucyrus, $60,000

Mark H. Harris as Trustee of the Dorothy to Amber Jo. Emans, 322 River St., Bucyrus, $22,500

Robert J. Sherman to Nicholas R. Fruth, 331 Kearsley St., Bucyrus, $48,000

Thomas N. Smith and Georgia S. Smith to Marsha K. Heatherly, 2024 New Washington Rd., Bloomville, $10,600

Mary Barker to Garrett J. Leonberger and Ashley R. Leonberger, 7966 Crawford Morrow County Line Rd., Galion, $35,000

Jacob J. & Casie M. Grau to Charles H. & Krista K. Richmond, 1465 Oakridge Dr., Bucyrus, $235,000

Charles H. & Krista Richmond to Adam P. & Danielle M. Barth, 3797 St. Rt. 19, Bucyrus, $327,000

David R. Sabo to Thomas Sautter, 3581 Lower Leesville Rd., Bucyrus, $750,000

*Sheriff Sale or Foreclosure