When Galion St. Joseph’s called, American Legion responded

GALION — Jennifer Johnson, food service manager at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Galion had a problem. She needed a commercial grade blender to aid in boosting participation in the National School Breakfast Program. She knew funding for this item could turn into a long and arduous process and students would not receive the additional benefits until the process was complete.

A supporter of the weekly Bingo game at Galion American Legion Scarbrough Post 243, Johnson mentioned her problem to Legionnaires Ken Green and Mike Mateer, looking for alternative ideas to fund the item and help the students.

And as easy as that, the blender problem was solved.

“Jennifer mentioned her issue on Thursday afternoon,” said Green, who operates the Bingo game. “It took Mike and me less than two minutes to decide this was a worthy cause and that we would support it. When I called Jennifer at 9:30 p.m Thursday, she came right up to get the check and ordered the equipment.”

“The American Legion is a national service organization,” Mateer said. “We exist to not only support and assist our military and veterans but our communities, as well. There was certainly no debate or deliberation with this project. This was an effort to better care for some of the youth of Galion and we couldn’t get Jennifer the check fast enough.”

Johnson was thrilled.

“These guys at the Legion are super,” she said. “They took what could have been weeks or months of work to get the funds and made all that disappear so we can better care for our students. They might not always be able to hand me the money like they did this time, but I know I can rely on them to try and help solve whatever situation I may find myself in.”

Green said the Legion has been much more active in recent months in getting involved in the Galion community.

“This is another example of the Galion American Legion emerging to truly support Galion,” he said. “Our public Bingo games each Thursday evening provide an activity that adults of any age can enjoy. We routinely average 30 or more players from outside Galion who spend thousands of dollars monthly here.

“We lease thebanquet hall each Tuesday evening to Russ Kent, who operates the “Daily Grub.” His menu rotates between burgers, meatloaf, lasagna and more. Of about 50 meals served each week, maybe 20 percent come from outside Galion. Also, the Legion hosts a Public fish fry or other public food event twice a month on Friday evenings. We average about 140 served and we’re growing. Again many come in from outside Galion for these events.”

For more information on any of these events, membership, hall rental, or other items, call Scarbrough Post 243, 118 S. Market St., Galion, at419-468-1208.



Staff report