Galion school district saying goodbye to 148 years of experience

Bill Stepro, Julie Barnett, Bryan Summer and Bridget Sutton are retiring

GALION — Galion City Schools hosted its annual staff appreciation breakfas tMay 25. The district honored an array of staff members for their years of care and commitment to the children of the Galion community.

The district first recognized its retirees, who have a combined total of 148 years of service to Galion students. The 2017-2018 retirees include: Bill Stepro (50 Years), Julia Hoffman (39 years), Bryan Summer (30 Years) and Bridget Sutton (29 Years).

Additional staff members were recognized for 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 50 years of service in the district. Recipients and their years of service include: (1 year) Jason Bash, Richard Beck, Kyra Bryan, Jennifer Butcher, Tina Crim, Lindy Edgell, Bobby Gossom, Stacey Harding, Lowell Kincade, Kristin Lehman, Kyle Mann, Chelsey McChesney, Ranee Stumpf, Elizabeth Volz, Melisa Watters, Denise Wright and Helen Zealor; (5 years) Karen Barnhart, Brian Betts, Angela Brocwell, Sara Lutz, Neal Rinehart, Aleta Rowe, Curt Wiggins and Ron Williams; (10 years) Theresa Benedict, Lisa Fisher, Kristin Gearheart, Jessica Hammond, Guido Lane, Bryce Lehman, Veronica Rinehart, Meghan Tyrrell and Jaime Valentine; (15 years) Kevin Dickinson, Gina Redman, Laurie Smith and Charles Wilson; (20 years) Rebecca Armrose, Kimberly Bercaw, Rhonda Cole, Katy Erlsten, Lynne Foust, Jeanne Kuns, Laurie Obenour, Cindy Parrott and Jenny Reagan; (25 year) John Erlsten and Dolores Hoffman; (30 years) Bryan Summer; (50 years) Bill Stepro.

Staff members were also recognized for perfect attendance during the 2017-2018 school year, which included: Kyle Baughn, Angela Brocwell, Adam Brown, Rhonda Cole, Rodney Dean, Jessica Hammond, Steven Hammond, Dolores Hoffman, Thelma Huntsman, Terri Keckler, Joe Morabito, Roxann Ramsey, Marsha Rundell, Paula Seng and Michael Shupp.

“I would like to express my thanks to the staff members that were honored during the appreciation breakfast, especially those staff members who have retired from education,” Superintendent Jim Grubbs said. “Their countless years of dedication to the students of the Galion City School District are greatly appreciated.”


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