Galion, state looking at Ohio 598 improvements

GALION — Galion City Council approved an ordinance Tuesday allowing the Ohio Department of Transpotation to perform a road study. ODOT proposed the study for Ohio 598 where the speed limit changes from 50 miles per hour to 35 mph, heading south into town.

Fourth Ward City Councilwoman Tammy Siclair-Erlsten said there has been an increase in traffic and a lot of near crashes in that area, and the new Bell Store and Dairy Queen will likely cause traffic to further increase.

The state will pick up the cost for the study since it is a state route, but council approval was needed since it falls within city limits.

Mayor Tom O’Leary explained that after the study is conducted, ODOT will give its findings and recommendations to Galion’s safety service director, who has the authority to change where the speed limits start.

Council pushed the ordinance to its final reading and it subsequently passed unanimously.

Council also passed an ordinance to advertise for bids for the Brandt Road expansion project. The city has $886,000 budgeted for the project, which will widen some of Ohio 598 and provide some infrastructure development for that area.

By Mary Faulds

Crawford County Now