Neumann reunion held

Staff report

The J.O. and Anna Neumann Family met on Aug. 23 at Heise Park with only 26 members present for the 88th reunion. Rena Lovely, officer of the family, welcomed the group. A meal prayer was read by Mrs. Lovely out of a Prayer Book, given to her by Joe Seif, a family member.

Mrs. Lovely led the business meeting and announced 5 deaths and 2 births. She asked everyone to turn in any new family news to Homer Bloodhart. A register book was passed around for all to sign.

The oldest member was Velma Bloodhart at 93. Dale Miller was the oldest man at 83. Toni Lovely was the youngest present and she just turned 13. Julie and Mike Schwind traveled the farthest from Fremont. Jill and Bruce Freeman lived closest to the park. The Bloodhart and Burkhart families had the most family present with 7 each.

A cousin’s breakfast is held the second Saturday of the month at 9 a.m. at Vanessa’s in Bucyrus. All family is welcomed.

The family voted to have a reunion next year. The reunion will be held on August 28, 2016.

After a discussion and no volunteers for officers, Rena Lovely will be the only officer for next year. A collection was taken up and a group picture was taken. There were no children for games or the Saw Dust Hunt. The scrapbooks were enjoyed by several people.

Staff report