Galion students will display their leadership skills Tuesday

Staff report

GALION — The Galion Intermediate School will open its doors and welcome guests for a Leader in Me Leadership on Day May 8. Community leaders, business owners and others will be in attendance from 9:30- 11:30 a.m.

The event is designed to give students and staff the opportunity to showcase their leadership skills. A large number of the Intermediate School student body will be engaged in the activities including leading classroom tours, building tours, speaking as part of a panel discussion or sharing information about their Leadership Clubs and more.

“While the staff has done a large portion of the planning, much of the execution of the day is student-led,” explained Intermediate School Student Support Services Specialist Adam Brown. “An event like this energizes the students, and the pride they have in a job well done will stay with them for days and weeks to come.”

Guests will have the opportunity to see student-led strategies, examine Leadership Notebooks and hear how The Leader in Me has been implemented throughout the school. A panel discussion involving students, staff and parents will be held during the event.

“This is the first ever Leadership Day event for the Intermediate School, and I’m proud of the work our students and staff have done to prepare for this opportunity,” Galion Superintendent Jim Grubbs said. “I hope those invited will join me in learning more about The Leader in Me program and celebrating the many successes of our students!”

Staff report