State nears end of Crestline fiscal analysis

By Kimberly Gasuras - Galion Inquirer

Crestline Hall

Crestline Hall

CRESTLINE – The state auditor’s office is wrapping up their evaluation of the village of Crestline’s funds this Thursday.

According to village administrator Marc Milliron, the state is completing a fiscal analysis and results will be given to village officials in the next few weeks.

An ordinance that was passed two months ago that would allow village residents to be charged a $50 fee if an ambulance is needed but no transportation to a medical facility occurs has been repealed.

After the ordinance was met with disapproval by residents and no policy was put into place to implement the ordinance, council president pro temp Clayton Herold made a motion during Monday evening’s regular council meeting to repeal the ordinance. All council members voted for the repeal with the exception of Allen Laferty and Allen Moore.

“I feel kind of stupid that I voted for it in the first place since there is no policy for enforcement that goes along with it. I think we need more public input about this issue,” Herold said.

Crestline resident Toni Keeler said she is still being harassed and bullied by a neighbor and the Crestline Police Department.

Keeler spoke to council last month about the ongoing issues she said she is experiencing with police officers and Mayor Dave Sharrock set up a meeting with her. Keeler said she did not receive any resolution from that meeting and wants to file a complaint against the police department.

Council member Tina Swartz informed Keeler that she can file a complaint through the Crawford County Prosecutors Office or the state’s attorney general’s office.

Police Chief Joe Butler was present at the meeting but did not respond to Keeler’s allegations. Butler did give an annual report stating that the department has received 8,623 calls since July 31 of last year, compared to 5,488 calls during the same time frame one year ago.

Council passed one ordinance during the meeting that will allow council to regulate the sale of village water outside the municipality.


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Crestline Hall Hall

By Kimberly Gasuras

Galion Inquirer